Friday, March 26, 2010

Shame on all of you! Give me my dignity! I just came here to see "Honk If You're Horny" in peace.

I actually got some time away today from the World's Most Boring Trainee and got a chance to catch up on some blogs. Still can't comment most of them from work, which still sucks a lot, because comments make the world go 'round! (hint.)

I read something today that made me think. Dangerous, I know. You know Tony, right? Not the Tony from that Subway diet blog, but the other one, the panda! Well he posted about food porn and how much it sucks sometimes to be staring at pictures of shit you wanna eat but shouldn't. As someone who now posts weekly pics of the highest-calorie collages on the interwebz, I will admit, I felt a little guilty!

On one hand, I wanna think if we don't have enough willpower to not be terribly tempted by PICTURES of food, what hope do we have around the real thing?? But on the other hand, torture is illegal for a reason!

That being said, my damn profile picture is a donut. It combines two of my favorite things in the whole wide world: dough and sugar. Plus, it's the donut from The Simpsons!

(Side Note: When the Simpsons Movie came out, they turned some 7-11 stores into Kwik-E Marts and IT WAS THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER! Me and Jeff went there at 3am and got awesome fresh pink donuts with sprinkles, Squishies, boxes of Krusty-Os and a six-pack of Buzz Cola! My heart swelled with fangirl glee, then hardened from cholesterol. Many awesome pictures were taken including this one:
featuring my all-time favorite Simpsons character: JASPER! In a freezer, no less. I am sad for him, but also happy to see him, you know? Anyway, END SIDENOTE!)

So yeah, I loved that donut so I love that picture. But who the heck wants to stare at a donut all day while they eat a plate of boring veggies? Not me, that's who.

So I got a new profile pic. One to reflect my shiny new health kick!
Hopefully it doesn't tempt anyone to make bad decisions. Unless you're allergic to which case, sucks to be you because I LOVE GRAPEFRUITS!

If you ever see the donut picture come back, assume things are NOT good and feel free to give me a mighty kick right in my ass. Thanks, friends!

P.S. If you've never seen the "King-Sized Homer" episode of the Simpsons, I would STRONGLY urge you to do so immediately. Like, immediately. You can thank me later. Byebye.


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Gah... your profile pic just squirted me in the eye! Damn you!

My fav Homer quote: when aliens were attacking... "Please don't eat me! I have a wife and kids! Eat them!"

A man after my own heart...

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

Love the pic. I can totally roll with craving grapefruit. Totally. The other stuff you were talking about...well, lets just be glad I've already had my boring breakfast with a punch of cranberries.

Camevil said...

Where was I when the 7-11 stores were converted??? Lucky you!

Grapefruit is definitely your color.

Shelley said...

But Tricia, every time I see your profile picture I will be worried that you are getting grapefruit juice in your eye!

My kids grew up on the Simpsons. I know it molded their sense of humor - and we still recite Simpson's lines like they are a normal part of our life.

"Get Momma's pryin' bar" is a favorite when someone is lazing around too long!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

You soooo do not look as happy as you did with that doughnut!

Big Clyde said...


Sarah said...

Love the pryin' bar comment. Kind Sized Homer has to be one of my all time favs. From the drinking bird to the mummu it's awesomeness all around.

Amy said...

I love grapefruit. Broiled grapefruit. With sugar on top. Meh.

You know, I read cookbooks at night before bed. the hell? Why do I do that to myself? It only makes me get up at 2 AM for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that I didn't really need.

Katie J said...

Who knew I had Simpsons character named after me?!?!? LOL!

wildfluffysheep said...

I dont really like the simpsons... do you hate me?
loving the new pic though the doughnut one was awesome.

Julie said...

If I would watch that Simpson episode again, I would want to run out and a get a little drinking bird to do my work. lol

I like your new pic!

TJ said...

Love the NEW and IMPROVED profile pic...Jamie Oliver likes it too. lol

CactusFreek said...

We are Simpsons junkies in our house!! I'm really jealous that you guys got some Kwik e marts. You shoulda asked if you could have that Jasper sticker on the fridge. You could have put him on the outside of your own fridge, or side shower wall.

Nice new profile pic :o)

SlenderSwan2B said...

LOVE the new pic!!

Julie said...

I've had the Simpson's Movie since it came out...but have never watched it...hmm..maybe I'll watch this weekend...

Big Clyde said...

You didn't like my "comment" earlier?

Okay, I thought you were going more for quantity than quality. No need to get bossy about it!

I prefer the grapefruit vs. the donut. The grapefruit looks cooler and the donut made it seem like you were just playing around about all this.

Now, you seem to have your game face on. Kick some tail at this company contest! You can own this thing!


screwdestiny said...

Love the new profile picture! I don't like donuts anyway. Ruby red grapefruit is far more delicious.

Tony The Pink Panda said...

Haha, thanks for changing the profile picture. That's so sweet of you :). Not a huge Simpson's fan unfortunately. Do you watch any anime?

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