Wednesday, June 6, 2012

If opposites truly attract, the correct life strategy is to be a loser.

As I mentioned in a slightly earlier post, I've been going out a lot more recently. Recently being about the last 6-7 months or so. One day I just decided that being home sucks, so I started saying YES to literally any invitation I was given...even the weird/crappy ones. It's like I'm the living embodiment of that semi-okay Jim Carrey movie from a couple years ago! (not Cable Guy.)

Going out gives me a certain level of confidence. I feel like it's forcing me out of my depression, even if only for a few hours. But as with everything in my life, there's always someone ever-so-willing to remind me that I'm outta place.

Situation: Saturday night I went to this Nevada Women's Money Conference thing all day for work. Decided to meet up with some friends on Fremont Street (i.e. Old Las Vegas) for drinks. ALL NIGHT, I was having a GREAT time. conversation, feeling comfortable, laughing my ass off...just a good night, in general. Hours pass. It's roughly 1am and our group of 7 has dwindled down to just me and my friend Erik sitting at the bar talking.

This dude walks up and pushes his way in between us at the bar. I decide to make conversation because he's literally four inches away from my face already, so why not?

Me: That's a good beard, dude. (Side note: I like facial hair a LOT!)
Interrupting Douchebag: (hereby to be referred to as ID, for short!) Thanks. What kinda whiskey should I get?
Me: Um, Maker's Mark.
ID: (to bartender) One Maker's Mark on the rocks.
ID: (to Erik) Why are you drinking PBR? Is it cheap?
Me: It's 4 bucks. But all the other beers are 5 bucks, so I say pay the extra dollar and get what you want.
ID: That makes sense. You should work here, you're good at pushing booze.
Me: Yeah, that's why I sit here. They call me The Closer.
ID: I get it! Like she's pretty, and you're smart!
Me: ....Dang. That's kinda insulting to both of us, don't you think?
ID: Oh. Well, she might be smart...I never talked to her before.
Me: ..........................and??
ID: Did you want a drink or something? (oblivious or just a jerk??)
Me: Uhhhh, no, I think I'm done drinking tonight.
Erik: You may as well take the free drink, the damage is done now.

He was right. So I ordered a $10 shot, downed it, then we left.

I mean, seriously, like I need some jerk with a decent beard to randomly come up and remind me that I'm not all that attractive. Thanks, really.

I KNOW I shouldn't let it bother me. But it's bad enough to have those insecurities, then to have someone confirm it for you is just a real kick in the teeth. I KNOW I shouldn't let the "opinion" of one douchey frat boy ruin an otherwise great night, but JEEZ. Have a little tact, at least.

That kinda stuff makes me remember why I spent so many nights locked in my room making excuses for the few invites I did receive to go out. As I get older, I find myself caring less and less what the world thinks of me. Especially since, in general, I'm not a big fan of most people out there anyway.

Also, that dude can go suck a bag of dicks. The End.


Dina said...

I like Maker's Mark because they send me free shit like those circle ice cube makers, and I think a spoon? No wait I think that was from Marlboro. Keepin it redneck son! That guy was a dick, don't sweat it.

And what Jim Carrey movie? Did you read Jenny McCarthy was all calling him out for not being involved in her son's life anymore? What a cuntface, she's the one that dumped him and won't talk to him, but she's all baffled as to why he won't talk to her son, OH GEE I WONDER JENNY. Although she is dating that fine piece of ass Brian Urlacher, he fell off of the yumyum tree, have you seen his neck? big as his head, lurve!

Tricia said...

Who the heck is Brian Urlacher?? I'm talking about that YES MAN wasn't all bad, just sayin'. Hehe, Marlboro miles! My uncle Sammy had like Marlboro everything when they were still doing that. I'm pretty sure his trailer was Marlboro. At least it sure smelled like it.

Dina said...

Yeah, they weren't minez of course, but I was all saving for the tent. I'm sure it's been said, but pretty funny the whole catalog was like all outdoorsy stuff, considering smokers don't do shit for hiking. But I guess they do camp. And swing.

I haven't heard of that movie. I kinda gave up on him after that movie where he was god, but I still love him.

Brian Urlacher plays for the Chicago Bears, and he is fine as fuck. so there.

Tricia said...

I never heard of him so he must not be THAT fine...

KansasSunflower said...

Oh wow, that guy was a real jerk! Some people just have to put others down to feel good about themselves. He's not a winner - whoever ends up with that loser is not a winner either.

Kristen said...

Ewww, I hate that guy. Thank God you are least took him up on his offer and it cost him $10! Serves him right for being an ass.

buttkissbaby said...

Lawd it sho is good to be hearin yer voice gurl. Don't you be lettin some cowboy get you all upset hear me?

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you started writing again!

Janell said...

Loved the title first of all. And good thinking. I always thought we had to strive to be better but if opposites attract, why bother? I can get a rich good looking younger man (gay?).

The first agreement which I never really read or agreed upon is to not take anything personal. The guys comments say far more about him than his comments would ever say about you. And my other -ism is "it's not what they think, it's what *you* know." And I think you're extra special. But then again, it's not what I think, it's what you know. So don't pay any attention to what I wrote.

Anonymous said...

I think you took it wrong. No douchebag who thinks you look like hell is going to crowd between you and the man your with. Then ask your advice on what to drink .... He was totally hitting on you and you allowed your perception to trump the situation. I will give you credit for he was dumping on your friend because of the PBR but guys do that when they compete for women. You expect the worse from anyone that pays you any type of attention because you have been telling yourself you're not worth it all these years. I get it. I lived it. It doesn't have to be this way. I brought myself back. You've already begun by getting out more... now start by loving yourself. Its hard - the beginning isn't easy.

Biz said...

Hey Tricia - sorry I haven't been by in a while!! That guy is a total dick - don't let something like that get under your skin.

You are beautiful!! Hugs!

vivopuro said...

Wait - Is there a new blog yet? What is it? Did I miss it?

Joanna Mikkelsen said...

Sigh. Please update your blog!

I love reading about you! I know you love Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You spambots are just pathetic.

I hope you're well Tricia. I miss your blog a lot.

Anonymous said...

I miss your blog, hope all is good!

daphne said...

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