Sunday, February 22, 2009

Have your air and eat it too...

Here's the thing: I am a total whore for clearance sales. It so doesn't matter what it is, or whether or not I "need" it...if you mark that sucker down at least 75%, chances are, I'll buy it. So last July-ish, I went into Bath & Body Works and they had these tubs, like literal tubs, of generic stuff that was on sale super clearance-y cheap. I ended up buying about 10 of those Wallflower refill thingies that you plug into the wall and they make your apartment smell less like your boyfriend and your cat and more like a fresh spring meadow or like...coconut. You know?

Well, I always forget to replace them so they sit there empty burning energy or whatever they do until one day Jeff decides to be a good little wife and switch them out. It's nice to come home to a new smell, and I enjoy it thoroughly. But now we're at the bottom of the barrel, so to speak, when it comes to selection. I don't mind my house smelling like laundry or fruit or something, but what did I walk into Friday nite after a long snacky day at work? Cake! Caramel Cake!

I got my hopes all up!

"Hey makin' a cake?!"
"I smell cake."
"'s caramel cake. oh, air fresheners."

UGH. What a letdown. I so wanted cake. I've been wanting cake all damn weekend now. Not cool, B&BW. How am I supposed to not eat cake for the next 45-60 days until this stupid scent wears out? I wanna go buy a different scent, but I promised I wouldn't spend money until we get back from our trip ARGH! What are they thinking making candles and air fresheners and shit that smells so much like real food? I need like, a brocolli candle or something. Anything to make me want something green. Where are you on that one, scent makers? From now on, I at least READ the name of a scent before I buy it.

Now I gotta go run 50 errands since I didn't have a car all weekend. Sharing a car totally sucks! Here's hoping I don't drive past a conveniently-placed bakery...


May said...

Unplug it. Throw it out. Who cares if it goes to waste if its tempting you. Get it the eff out of the house.

Diana said...

I couldn't do it. No cake for me!

Hey Tricia - I'm so glad you finally got on blogspot. Now I can add you to my blog list. Wahoo!

HopeFool said...

This had me laughing out loud.

Stay away from the bakeries.

Dina said...

I loved the air fresheners from there, until I totally OD'ed on the Sweat Pea one. Just typing the name gives me a headache.

I check in candles and stuff at work, and we will receive an order for all five stores and the scent is like "Buttercreme Frosting" or something. It makes for a long day :)

Tony said...

lol, the power of smell.

twinkelydots said...

Yeah! You're on Blogspot & now I can subscribe.

I'm with everyone else. Throw that stupid thing away. Spend the $2.99 or whatever it costs.

After all you were going to spend $$ on a Van Halen shirt.

Debby said...

mmmmmmm caramel cake!

Calypso Rain said...

I'm a candle junkie, seems like the best ones always smell like junk food... maybe I have more food issues then I thought?

Well... here's to hoping you didn't accidently buy "chocolate cake" too :P~

Have fun on your trip. Maybe the "carmel cake" will wear off / out before ya get back.

twinkelydots said...

moving up.

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