Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm getting a tingling sensation...

I think it's awesome that the Pharmacy waiting area at Wal-Mart is directly across from the "Family Planning" section. Seriously, just me and a 90-year-old woman waiting for our heart pills with a luxurious view of 4,000 bottles of Astroglide.

On the plus side, I did see an old dude cruise over with nothing in his cart except a bottle of wine, a steak, and two potatoes. He bought the largest size bottle of KY Touch and the Pleasure Pack of Trojan Condoms. Hellz yeah, dude. I mean, he was old. Like...the old silver fox old. I liked thinking that even at that age, he still had a plan to get SOME. I didn't like THINKING about him getting it or anything though. I mean, I liked the thought, but I wasn't thinking about it...there's no cool way to say this, so I will just say Rock On, Dude.

In another startling turn of good luck, the pharmacist ended up giving me my prescriptions for free because I had to wait like a half hour. SA-WEET! Granted, it was only $14, but still, I only make $14 an hour at work and this was only half an hour so it's like I got paid double time just to sit next to condoms on my day off. Say what you will about Wal-Mart (they are evil, agreed), but free stuff is free stuff, so I am having a pretty good day.

I bought my lettuce and fiber one and chicken and other boring things so I guess I'll try to be good this week before FATapalooza starts next Tuesday. Promise this is the last time I'll update today!


Dina said...

Made me actually snort! You're a much better person than me, I'd have been grossed out and making sure he wasn't sneaking peeks at my rack.

Wendy Lou said...

Hilarious. There use to be a local news anchor here that totally had the silver fox thing going......he wore a pinkie ring and I would sometimes see him at the local piano bar singing some sweet jazz tune while holding a gin and tonic. I just knew that when he got home he would slip into a red silk robe with nothing on underneath.

I saw him once at a local sex shop buying almost a basket full of items. Greatest moment of my life by far.

Well besides finding your blog of course. You are probably the coolest person I "know" on the interwebs.

twinkelydots said...

There was a guy in line at the grocery store that had a single rose, 2 steaks, 1 zucchini, 1 bag o'salad mixings, choc cake.

Hello cliche! I felt like telling him "Hey! Single rose is soooo done. Use your imagination & get her some iris's or maybe some gerber daisies."

Nice that Wally World gave you your prescription for free. And since I'm a small business owner I also am on the "Walmart is evil" bandwagon.

Calypso Rain said...

I always get uncomfortable when there is sex / sexy stuff around and i'm near a bunch older people, it's like I'm sitting next to grandma. I can hear my grandma now.. in my day we didn't have "that kinda thing" out in the open, (blah blah blah for the next few hours and finally closing with) What's wrong with people today?

twinkelydots said...

moving up.

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