Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Lease on Life...

Dudes! I'm excited!

Our lease is ending on April 30, and I can't fucking WAIT because I super hate these crumby apartments and we've been here way too long due to procrastinating and being lazy. BUT...we just left a deposit at our fancy NEW apartment, yay! They're brand new, that's awesome. Like not just "new to us" but NEW new, like new for reals. And it has an awesome kitchen and a full-size washer and dryer INSIDE the apartment, and look look LOOK:

Yeahhh, Boyeeee! Free exercise room, and it stays open until midnight, not like the shitty one here that closes at 6 (stupid!) I am super jazzed. I mean, I just want out of this place, and for only $32 more a month, we're getting a better everything, a safer neighborhood, fitness center, and a lot of motivation to like get organized and get our lives in a better place. I am super psyched, yay!

It may seem like I'm being a total dweeb about a freaking apartment, but this place has been pretty hellish for me. My car got stolen here! I never got it back. Someone drove it to San Diego then lit it on fire. I loved that car! (liability doesn't pay for stolen cars, FYI.) Our other car got broken into, our tire got slashed, I got peeped(!!), the neighbor upstairs turned on his bathroom faucet and fell asleep and it ended up flooding our kitchen and bathroom, the other upstairs neighbor like left his dog there to die when he moved out (wtf people?)...seriously, lots of shitty shit going on here, and May 1st can't come soon enough for me, brother.

I'm just excited :)

In other news...is Paula Deen going commando or like wtf is going on under those pants?


TJ said...

LOL I saw that clip of Paula today online and I think shes got pantyhose on...but not much else! lol Too Funny!

Congrats on finding a snazzy new place!


May said...

Oooh can you post pics of the new place altogether? I love stuff like that!

Calypso Rain said...

Oh God Paula "Commando" Dean pulled off a walk by "mooning". Congrats on your new place. Glad your moving into a better, safer neighborhood and I know you can incorperate that snazzy gym into your daily routine.

wildfluffysheep said...

Kudos on the new apartment. I totally understand the need for a new place. Our neighbours are the worst. But we're stuck here til june :(

nice fitness suite :D

HopeFool said...

You are so lucky. I have been wanting a new new house for like 5 years.

(That's an interesting snowball you're holding in that picture.)

Carlos said...

wow that's an awesome workout room. good news.

twinkelydots said...

WTG on finding a new place! It's too bad you can't move right-this-second.

You need to get out of that hell hole NOW!

*Kristine* said...

HAHAHA I gotta send that click to my grandmother!!

I love the work out room at your new place. I'd be super excited too!


twinkelydots said...

Moving up.

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