Sunday, March 15, 2009

...and you're watching "Perspectives"

Today I laid in bed most of the day being a fat lump, but I kept thinking about how much energy I usually have once I start to drop some poundage. Thinking about losing weight is good because it means it's almost...DIET TIME. It's in the works anyway.

Lately I've been feeling so super shitty. I always do this to myself! I let my weight get to this level where every step feels like torture and then I'm all "hmm, maybe I should diet?" I still haven't flipped that magical switch in my brain that transforms "diet" to "lifestyle change" but I'm remaining optimistic that such a switch does exist and one day I'll find it. Maybe it's near the mythical G-Spot and I will kill two birds with one stone. Best.Day.Ever.

In other news, it's 4:17 in the AM and I'm awake.

P.S. Those pictures are all downloaded onto my work computer, so I'll repost that shit on Monday, if they don't give me a bunch of actual "work" to do.


Dina said...

lol @ best day ever. You'd be living the life, and feeling sorta like you have to pee at the same time.

I hate when I have to work instead of post and comment, it's a total drag.

wildfluffysheep said...

:P lol @ best day over...

eep I can't imagine being awake at 4.17am *shudders* My new sleep regime is leaving me with shit loads of energy whoop

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

Yep, can totally relate!! I've decided that what I'm currently doing isn't necessarily a diet...I'm just trying to incorporate more foods that are good for me than the bad stuff. That's all the skinny people do right?

Now if I could just get my ass on the treadmill, I'd probably be a much skinner person myself...THATS what i've been struggling with.

May said...

"Maybe it's near the mythical G-Spot and I will kill two birds with one stone. Best.Day.Ever"

LMAO! Tis a mythical creature!

Mel said...!

WonderLori said...

Feeling like a lump is what I do best! I don't know anything about that spot you're talking about. Is it in Guyana or something?

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