Monday, April 6, 2009

Stick it to the man.

I feel all productive.
I semi-tackled that giant pile o' laundry that had taken over half my bedroom. I shoulda took a picture for you guys! I dunno if I'm ready for that kinda shame yet though. OH WELL. I say semi-tackled because I essentially turned one giant pile into seven smaller piles. I'm not sure which is worse. I will call it progress because at least half of it's going to Goodwill. Wow, I sure bought a lot of ill-fitting clothes in the last 2 years. Lesson learned? Prolly not.
Next topic: Vegetables.

I am so not a fan of vegetables. I have like weird texture issues. I'm trying to get over it. It took me like 40 minutes to eat a piece of brocolli today. I DON'T GET IT.

Anyway, in my continuing efforts to eat healthier, I decided to do that sneaky mom trick of hiding veggies in my food. I made a big pot of chili to have for lunch all this week. So I bought this little food grinder thingy and chopped up some carrots, an onion, a jalapeno, a bell pepper, and a whole zucchini. I really chopped it up, looked like the size of coffee grounds. Then I stuck all that in the chili and cooked the everliving shit out of it until there was 'nary a vegetable in sight. It actually kinda worked out because it thickened and bulked it up a bit without having to resort to beans (gross!). I was all proud of myself at lunch today because it was actually good. LOOK MOM, I AM EATING VEGETABLES! Weeee!

I also threw some spinach leaves into the salad tonite. I feel like such a grownup!

We had pork kabobs for dinner. They were yum. Here's a visual:

Yeahhh boyeeeee. It was a good dinner even though not terribly original or anything.
Strawberries for dessert...I'm outta here.
P.S....I made it one whole week :)


May said...

Wow...this blog is all creative.

I also hate veggies so I started buying the steam fresh ones that you just stick in the microwave. They arent toooo bad. Also, I have that cookbook, "Deceptively Delicious" that I can send you if you want?

Keep up the good work and the creative blogs, my love :)

Aimee said...

are you like me and buy clothes that "almost" fit just because they are on sale? then they stay in your closet for 2 years while you continue to not fit in them, tags still hanging there? finally, you pass them along to someone (or Goodwill) and they say, "but these have tags on them!". no kidding! i wouldn't be giving them away if they fit. :)

the kabobs? yum.

congrats on staying on track. you rock!

Kelly said...

Congrats on getting in those veggies. It's hard. I am not a huge fan of them but just keep trucking along thinking eventually my taste buds will decide, "Hey, broccoli doesn't taste like a giant fart."
OMG, I was at Joe's Crab Shack and ordered the broccoli just to be good. My routine is chew and then drink something to wash the stuff down. Well, the waiter comes and takes my drink for a refill right when I take a bite of the broccoli. Somehow I got it down.
Good job for sticking with it!

Julie said...

I think your kabobs looks yummy. I wonder what they look like all together?? LOL

Veggies are hard to love. I had to find ways to eat them, like baking brocoli, sprinkling cheese on zuchini, you know making it different.

TJ said...

LOVE the dinner visual. lol Your too funny! :) I was crackin up at how long it too for you to eat one piece of broccoli! lol

wildfluffysheep said...

Chilli is an awesome way to hide veg :D I do exactly the same. I hate tomatoes but put them in the chilli and I am good to go. Man, I frickin' love chilli... nm...mmm

Kudos on the broccoli. My dad once paid me five pounds to eat one and I couldn't do it.

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

Great way to hid the veggies, my boyfriend refuses to eat several types of veggies (I have lucked out and actually love them) so I do what you did and grind them up and make them into something such as a turkey meat ball or soup or chili and he's none the wiser :D

CONGRATS on your first week!!!! You have to get through the first week to get to your goal :) Good job lady!

Carlos said...

yumm... i wish i had a good chili recipe. one of my goals in life is to be known for my chili.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

One week is better than no weeks, congrats on making it this far! Keep goin lady, we're all cheering for ya!

IRJessica said...

Awesome lady! I love how you hid the veggies- maybe I do this to my hubby, yes? Haha. Way to go, and keep it up.

Big Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog... this is my first time here and love it. Love your sense of humor and out look.

The kebobs might not have been original but they sure sounded good.

*Kristine* said...

Your blogs are so graphic... I love the pictures you use in your writing. Thanks for giving it to us how it is.


Mel said...

Yeah boyeeeee!! A whole week!!! Those kabbobs are a good idea... whoever invent meat on a stick, rules...

kristisummer said...

good job with adding the veggies. It gets me.

Dina said...

I missed your post! Stupid father!

I hate veggies too. I chew and chew and chew and chew and can't ever seem to swallow. They suck!

Stephanie Tanner, now who's the nerd? I don't use Full House references! (Did you see the Bob Saget roast? SOOOO funny)


And I am so picky with food, I would have just have had to eat the pineapple, and pick all the other stuff off. Unless you had some brownies to go on there.

bbubblyb said...

Way to go on the whole week. I love the idea of hiding veggies. I bought that book by Jessica Senfield where she purees veggies into all kinds of food but have yet to make a recipe from it lol. Lately I've found the frozen food section with the steamable in a bag stuff and I'm loving snap peas. As for brocolli, nope none for me thanks.

twinkelydots said...

Moving up.

Dina said...

That pork looks really sick too, FYI

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