Friday, April 3, 2009

I want my baby back baby back baby back...

We went to Chili's last nite. It was kinda like an adventure because we had to drive so freaking far to get there. They closed all the Chili's restaurants on this side of town! Sucks, I love that place. All in all, I didn't do TOO terribly. But I wasn't great either. Mostly it was the chips and salsa that did me in. My boss said the whole basket is only 12 points, so my plan was to eat half, but I'm pretty sure I overshot that. Oh well. Aside from that, I had chicken fajitas and 2 tortillas...lots of lettuce and tomato. And that's it. Like I said, not terrible. Mostly I was happy to be eating food that I didn't have to cook. I will admit I am no gourmet chef. Man, a girl who hates to cook and clean and is too insecure for sex. Is that Jeff a lucky guy or what?? Bleh.

Hey, speaking of Bleh...I been feeling that. It could be a lot of things. Work, which is terrible and I hate it. Eating things I don't want. Stressing about moving and my constant procrastination. Feeling like I have no friends in this town and being alone all weekend while Jeff's working. Being generally disappointed in my station in life but having no motivation to change it. You pick a reason! Choose your own adventure. (2nd time I've used that word in one post.)

I dunno. I feel disenchanted, to say the least. I don't think I have some outta whack sense of Entitlement, so I'm not sure why I think my life should just get better on it's own with little to no effort on my part. Maybe it's because I am a whiny baby. Yeah, that's prolly it.

I am turning this post around, dammit. No more whining!

Here's something: Frozen Yogurt! I had some last night. I think that's what actually pushed me over the edge on my daily points after all those chips at Chili's. It's okay, it's only 88 calories for 4 ounces. I dunno how they do that, but it's posted on the wall, so it's gotta be true! This place is called Golden Spoon, and if you have one near you, you should go there and also thank God for putting you in a location with easy access to easily the greatest 88 calories you will ever spend. I always get the Peanut Butter kind. I don't really eat peanut butter when I'm dieting because 2 tbsp isn't enough for the 5 points it costs. I am miserly with my points. A real scrooge. But I can get a whole cup of this roasty peanutty creamy swirly stuff for 2 points! HEAVEN! I will stop talking about it now. But I won't stop thinking about it...

Um, what else? Oh yeah, I ordered a sample pack of that PB2 stuff. It comes with 2 packets of regular and 2 packets of chocolate. Weird, dude. I'm not really the ADVENTURous (that's 3, folks!) type when it comes to food, but I'm gonna try it. If it's weird, at least I'm only out 4 bucks. If you guys use it, you can leave me a comment and tell me what you like to do with it, unless it's something sensual in which case, just email me!

This is long and foody. I don't really have anything to talk about. Can you tell?

Oh yeah, I know I said I wouldn't weigh myself for a whole month, but I checked it last night just to see if it would give me an actual number. NO DICE! Still in "EE" territory. WONDER WHY? Oh well, better luck next time. I shall keep you posted.

I'm gonna end this now, you've suffered enough for one day. Have a good one, dudes. Hope your weekend is full of adventurous adventures. (Wanted to make it an even 5...)


May said...

Chilis.......I LOVE THEIR CHIPS and SALSA! How unfair that the best things in life are bad for you. Ugh.

Remember Adventures in Babysitting?

Keep up the good work, chic, and thanks for all your kind words on my blog, btw :)

Kelly said...

I love Chili's. I'm never good when I go there. I haven't been since starting WW. Their white chocolate molten cake sends me straight to heaven (whatever that is).

I plan on having a great adventure (that's 6) in Galveston tomorrow.

Have a groovy weekend. :)

wildfluffysheep said...

I wish I was on an adventure :( Sorry. No more whining...

I hear what you're saying missus but chin up. Could be worse. *sends positive energy, motivational vibes and massive squishy teletubby hugs*

Dina said...

Okay, I feel an epic length comment coming on. I will try to remember to divide it into paragraphs for your viewing enjoyment.

Your comments made me laugh as usual. The Buddy Holly guy slept in my damn daybed (I'm so 80's lol), and it made this gross squeaking noise afterward. So good thing I liked sleeping on the floor in my sisters room. And I love that you want me at 350, I feel the love! Kinda like how I wished morbid obesity on my boss when she was pregnant. Then she's all "OMG I am back to my prepregnancy weight already!" two days after she had her kid. God damn it! People need to improve their stress eating! I can pack on 70 plus pounds in 8 months, apply yourself people!

Phew, now on to commenting on your post. It sounds like you did fine at Chili's.

lol @ hates to cook and clean, we are twins! When people ask me what I am making my husband for dinner, I laugh so hard I get actual tears. As if! I'll touch on this topic more when my dad comes out. We have this battle of wills over it every time. He's the typical big stupid macho Italian, "GET IN THE DAMN KITCHEN AND COOK FOR ME" and that never goes over so well.

Lemme know how the PB2 is, I want to try that shit, but I'm too cheap.

Sucks about your scale. I will buy you one! That one is an evil beast that must be destroyed.

lol at all the adventure!

I don't think you have an out of whack sense of entitlement. You are just suffering through the most shitty part of dieting. When you have to eat less, but can't see any results yet, and it feels all useless, so you just want to go back to your old habits because then at least you get SOME joy in your stinkin life. Hang in there!

Shelley said...

I miss frozen yogurt! We don't have any froyo (hello, it's the 80's calling) places in my town. I remember Golden Spoon from when we lived in CA - so good! It is so worth the points/calories!!!

And Chilis? Love their quesadilla explosion salad! I get it w/o the cheese and chips, and the dressing on the side. And I eat the entire quesadilla that comes with it - so.damn.good.

Hope you have an adventurous weekend - don't forget to post about it!

FatGirlSlim said...


Seriously. Have sex. Sex is amazing. It burns calories, too!

I sense too much self-loathing radiating from you... Make a list of all of the things you find physically attractive about yourself - your eyes, your hair, your boobs, your skin, whatever. And then be whiney and insist that your self-esteem needs a boost and make Jeff tell you the things he likes about you.

And then have sex.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Five freakin points!!! Is that the reduced fat or the full fat? Crap...I've been nailing pb&j sammiches a lot lately...craving the protein.

I agree with fatgirlslim, have sex!

IRJessica said...

You're hilarious! I love your posts.

twinkelydots said...

Moving up.

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