Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bust Up Shot.

Hello Blogland. It's been a while. look well.

Man, moving is still as shitty as I remember. Oh god, I hate it. I hate it SO much. (cry)

Finally everything is moved over into the new place. Most of the moving took place while I was at work, so I came home to a pile of boxes in my living room and kitchen. Seriously, I can't walk into either room. Kinda defeated the purpose of me writing "BATHROOM 1" or "BEDROOM 2" all over the fucking boxes. There's a few hours of my life I will never have back. OH WELL. I guess I should stop my bitching because at least it all made it here.

Now comes the hellacious task of unpacking. Right now the piles of junk just seem threatening to me. I don't know where to start. I need to do laundry but the washer's all blocked in by 45 boxes of shit I don't know where to put. I should be working on this right now as opposed to doing things like...blogging...but well, it's been a week. I don't want you guys to think I'm dead or something. Then you'll unfollow me and I AM NOTHING WITHOUT MY FOLLOWERS! NOTHING, I TELLZ YOU.

As for the new I mean, there are things I like and things I hate. Want a PROS and CONS list? Awesome, I'm doing that shit right now...

-better neighborhood
-brand new apt = no worry of someone wiping their ass on the walls or anything
-big awesome kitchen
-new appliances
-gas stove
-washer/dryer IN apartment, not outside...where the bugs are!
-BADASS air conditioning = freezing myself to sleep = AMAZING
-hot dudes in the parking lot
-gym (some day this will matter)
-friendly Asian neighbors w/ complimentary baby that always waves to me

-bedroom smaller than I was prepared for = no good place to put the TV!
-bathtub TINY (side effect: makes me wanna die)
-cat having more frequent freak-outs (WHERE AM I WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE??)
-still having to unpack
-still haven't delivered on the free DVD player we were offered at signing (I already bitched.)
-No chain on the door (need to lock myself IN due to crippling paranoia)
-Shower curtain rod is a pain in the ass to figure out
-Hard to find for delivery drivers (may turn out to be a "pro" at some point.)

So there you have it. For now, we'll call it a draw. I may really end up loving the place once we're all settled in, but it's too early to say.

Moving also costs more than I remember. That sucks. I still have to buy a dining room table since the other one was too big for the space provided, plus, I always hated it. That might have to wait though because as the savings account draws closer to ZERO POINT ZERO, I see my anxiety level rising exponentially.

In other news, I planned a trip! Only for two days, but still. I bought two tickets for me and Jeff to go to...(wait for it, waiiiit for iiiit)...SAN FRANCISCO! We're staying at a cool little hotel right near pier 39, so we shouldn't have to rent a car or anything. I think we'll probably do the aquarium thing and then do the Alcatraz thing, and possible the Chinatown thing, if time allows. I haven't told him yet, which is KILLING MEEEE. It's a surprise graduation present for him, so I'm trying to hold off on telling him until his official graduation date, but seriously, I suck at not ruining surprises. I keep catching myself almost blowing it too. "Are you excited about Alca.......hol....?" Stupid! Good thing he's kinda dumb or else this secret would be super blown right now.

I am excited! My first trip to California, weeeee! If you have any tips or anything for me about stuff I shouldn't miss in San Fran, feel free to tell me.

Alright, I'm gonna go waste time in other ways now and then maybe hopefully get down to business with this whole unpacking deal. Wish me luck!

Oh yeah, Danny Gans died! People here are FREAKING OUT and everywhere else in the world people are saying "Danny who?" Oh well. I never saw his show or anything, but he did have a Bruce Campbell chin, and so it's sad to see him go. I dunno why I brought this up, but I did, so yeah.

Also, Bea Arthur died and like, I barely heard about it! She wasn't my favorite Golden Girl, but she was definitely one of my top 5 Golden Girls. AND...she wasn't just some dyke. No matter what some secretly bi-curious Italians might try to tell you. She was just tall, dang. Not to mention, a comedy legend! I wonder if Jeffery Ross will still joke about her penis now. Too soon?

Oh, and I watched Milk last night. Totally made me cry. Why can't people just accept that not everyone is like them? God, pisses me off. Anyway, it was a good movie, and you should watch it if you're not all weird about watching dudes kiss. And like, you shouldn't be, so go ahead and get over that and then rent that movie. (Yours truly, The new Ebert.)

Bye friends.


Dina said...

Okay, you SO know Bea Arthur was teh gayz0r. Don't front.

Your new apartment sounds sweet, except for the tub deal. Get one of those inflatable hot tubs for your dining room (skip the table obv. whoe eats in the dining room anyhow? What do you think your couch is for!)

Gas stoves suck for baking, hate them.

Who is Danny Ganz?

What is Milk?

Camevil said...

I was riding the LOL-a-coaster reading this post.

What you described is hell-arious and scary at the same time 'cuz we're about to move later this month. Now, I'm just like "fuck no" and want to go into a corner, suck my thumb and rock myself to sleep.


But, if there were hot dudes in the parking lot, well....

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

Welcome to your new home AND back to blog land. You have been missed.

Don't you just love the A/C. Seriously, the entire world she be air conditioned!

Pam said...

Wow. Danny Gans was young wasn't he? I didn't know he passed. And Bea Arthur passing was sad too. I thought she was a talented woman.
San Fran????? Girl you are gonna LOVE IT THERE! I'm talking like I know all about it, but I don't. I've been there two times and wish I had gone there when I was younger because I definitely would have chosen to live there! Do all the touristy stuff for your fist time. The restaurants there are divine. Make sure to visit Chinatown, the Mission District and the Castro District (my personal fav)! Have fun take pics and post 'em! Enjoy your new diggs and make it your own. Email me your address when you're ready 'cause I've got your housewarming gift.
Btw...welcome back! I missed you!

jessi said...

I was in san fran and you should definitely go to the shady-ist looking dim sum place in chinatown. trust me.

also - the cab drivers are scarier than NYC cab drivers - definitely worth a ride - don't worry about renting a car!

you can finds LOTS of cheap but awesome shit in chinatown . . . PRESENTS!!!


the only thing worse than packing to move is unpacking when you get there...

*Kristine* said...

welcome back! i missed you. glad you're sorta settled into your new place. i <3 strong air conditioning!!!

I'm skeered to book tickets to fly anywhere. Way to go! When is your trip?

Shelley said...

Glad you're back - I missed you! Your new apt. sounds great - brand new everything trumps freaking out cat and unpacking!

I was the same way when I saw Milk - was so pissed off and yet I was crying at the same time. Great movie.

Re: SF - I grew up 50 miles south and went there many place to visit. Bring a sweater - it gets cold there! What a wonderful graduation present - hope you can continue to keep it a secret!

I just love the way you write and I nominate YOU to be the next blogger to publish a book!

TJ said...

Moving SUCKS...hope all of the unpacking goes well. I like the pros/cons list...and the hot dudes in the parking lot of a huge plus! lol

SAN FRAN!! I love SF!! We live about 30 min from the city and we love to go exploring. Skip the aquarium. Its a rip off. Pier 39 rocks...full of tourist shops and stuff to look at. You can walk over to Fisherman's wharf, Ghiradelli square from pier 39. Lost to do right by that area. Go to Alcatraz, but try to get tickets in advance. They sell out! Go to its free to get in...its cool..all old mechanical toys/games. Fun! Exciting!!! :)


TJ said...

PS.. the movie MILK rocks...everyone should see that movie...especially those who DONT care for 2 dudes kissing. LOL I think its an eye opener!

Equal rights NOW!!

RIP Danny and Bea :(

Amy said...


Febreze your dirty clothes and they'll be fine. Medicate the cat. Jealous of your gas stove. Also, my hair was the awesomest ever in San Fran.

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

Oh, moving totally sucks. At least no one forced you to do the manual labor of hauling all that shit from one place to another. I really hate that.

San Franciso sounds divine - have a GREAT time!

wildfluffysheep said...

I have to move soon :( moving back home!

Sucky about the bath tub. The one in this flat is like a coffin. Though theres a bit of wiggle room now I dropped a couple of pounds.

*high fives* to hot dudes!

twinkelydots said...

Congrats on the move. Now's when you're wishing for the "I Dream of Jeanie" super power. Being able to blink everything into place.

You're going to LOVE SF!

If you're into garlic I suggest the Stinking Rose. It's an amazing all garlic restaurant.

Plan on going out for drinks & dancing.

Amoebae (spelling) records is a really great used record store.

Tea gardens in Golden Gate Park is fun along with the museums. Oh and the Exploratorium rocks.

A Daunting Tale of Scale Warfare said...

I left something over on my blog for you!!! Check it out :)

Kelly said...

Congrats on the new place. I so hate moving that if I have to do it again I think I'll just leave all of my stuff and start over.

The trip sounds like a lot of fun. I'm just guessing that Jeff doesn't read your blog?

I'd love to go on vacation right now. At least I wouldn't have to look at the house that I need to clean. :)

arielcircleofnine said...

I was all "oooo a golden girls marathon" last nite. Cuz I like that show. And then about 3 hours into it I noticed that during commercial breaks they had the In Memory of Bea Arthur thing............duh! Yeah Im observant!! Good to see you back!

tantra flower said...

You're going to love San Francisco!

I watched the documentary Milk some years back and it was SO GOOD! I haven't seen the film yet, but I plan to rent it soon. My rent list is about 100 titles long, but Milk is at the top. I am a huge supporter of gay rights as my 21 year old son is bi-sexual with a preference for men and I have several gay family members and close friends as well as casual friends and acquaintances. I really don't get what the fuss is about. If marriage was really about having children, explain people marrying in their 70's. Marriage is about love, period. I'm glad you feel so too. I like you! :)

Good luck getting moved in. Don't envy you there. I do envy the gas stove though...controlling the flame is awesome.

I really like your blog. I'm looking forward to reading more from you. :) Peace.

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