Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shit List.

Just a few things:

1. People Love Free Shit. I am one of those people. Like, for sure. But I have my limits. For instance, I will not wait in line in the HOT HOT sun for two pieces of KFC Grilled Chicken. I saw people actually lined up OUTSIDE of KFC...for chicken. I understand we are living in hard times here, but it's just chicken. I mean, if that coupon means the difference between like a child starving or not, then yeah, by all means, stand in line. But if you just wanna save three bucks, maybe save it for another day...or never. More overwhelming proof that Oprah rules the world.

2. It is very hot. 103 today. It's May.

3. We took Jeff's mom out for dinner tonite as an early Mother's Day present because Jeff always has to work weekends. His dad tagged along for the free meal, which I wasn't aware was happening. Then they both drank four beers each, times $6/per beer. That kinda pissed me off. I mean, they know we're obviously on a budget here. I was planning about $60 for dinner for the three of us and it ended up being $140. UGH. Pissed. Am I wrong to think it's kinda rude? Maybe I'm being petty. But I ate $8.99 chicken fingers. When people invite me out for dinner, I don't automatically assume that means OPEN BAR BROTHER! It bothered me. But I didn't say anything. Because I don't wanna seem petty. Passive agressive, I'm okay with.

4. I don't wanna full-on geek out about American Idol here since I haven't even watched the last three episodes, but seriously, Allison?? She was like the best one left. Fully don't care about it anymore.

5. This:


twinkelydots said...

Do you know that every day I look to see if you've blogged? Does that make me a stalker or a fan? Fine line between the 2.
1. Did you know I used to be a dj? Yup. For about 12 years. I'd be out at remotes & offer up free stuff & people would go crazy over the smallest thing.

"Come by Jimbo's and see me. I'll give you something FREE out of the goodie box." Here's a bumper sticker. Here's a promotional t-shirt with some band's name that you've never heard of. Here's a cheesy key chain. Plan on it breaking.

2. That sucks. This means it will be 130 in August. Or snowing. You pick.

3. My Mom always said that when going out with others who treat ask them what they're going to have. That way you can judge what their budget is and you don't over order.

4. Not a fan of the Idol.

5. Love the post card. Got any with a Jackalope? I love a good Jackalope card.

Monica said...

Tricia, I love you! Honestly, you are such a good writer and sofa king funny and witty!

It was rude of Jeffs parents, for sure. The least they could have done was paid half. I sorry :(

Julie said...

This post was great!!

I love how Oprah is pulling a bucket of chicken, LMAO!!

Dina said...

The well picture amuses me to no end.

But I don't get it...

haha (lest anyone think I'm serious!!!)

wildfluffysheep said...

lol @ the pcitures.

Interesting @ twinkleydots comment.

Man, people love free stuff. We went to a spanish festival on sat. and peeps were queuing for rafael nadal poster. i love him but wasn't queuing for an hour! Managed to get one with out waiting for it....

wish it was hot here.

tantra flower said...

I agree with you that that was rude. I'll also add inconsiderate and not very loving -- you're supposed to look after the financial health of your loved ones. People don't think sometimes though. Sorry that happened to you so soon after having to spend so much money on your move.

I laugh at American Idol. I prefer the train-wreck performances to the boring, good ones and think the whole thing is a sham. I like the Vote for the Worst web site, but don't post there because some of its members are really vicious and I'm not into being mean to people. I just like to have fun with this vulgar display of corporate greed that people seem to take too seriously. For some reason the 'Adam Lambert Fans' group is following me on Twitter. I'm not sure why.

Love the post card!

I hope you're having a great week! Peace.

P.S. Twinkelydots, my mother always taught me the same thing. She also said to not order alcoholic beverages unless the person paying offers one to me and the offer isn't a blanket type deal giving you carte blanche to empty the bar. It's a one drink per offer deal. In regards to checking the blog daily -- if you subscribe (or follow), you won't have to stalk. ;)

TJ said...

Im not a fan of standing in line for anything...even free shit. Besides I always feel self conscious when Im in line for food, being FAT and all.

Man Id die if I lived in Las Vegas... and wouldnt be able to make soup! lol


Dina said...

and also


Kelly said...

LOL You always crack me up. I'd be more than a little ticked off too about the "hey let's party because someone is paying" scenario. I did that once but I didn't know the other party had intended on paying for my stuff. I was all like "I'll take two appetizers and a pitcher of ritas. better make it two." And then they paid. I felt like such a loser. I offered to pay for my stuff. Huh, don't know why I felt like you needed (or wanted) to know that but there it is. :)

Carlos said...

i was wondering what everyone was doing at my kfc yesterday... fucking sheep

*Kristine* said...

I also check each day to check to see if you have blogged. Your posts make me laugh out loud. It's often more like a snort that makes my dog bark and jump at me.

Thanks for sharing it all.

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