Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mailbox love.

I wanted to share some awesome things I received in the mail a few days ago. Actually, it may have been longer by my apartment complex didn't bother telling me I had a yeah.

Anyway, I started reading Pam's blog a couple months ago because it was a weight loss blog, but I soon found out that she's a great artist too. I first got into the Dia de los Muertos art scene about seven years ago when my brother and I entered an art show. I made a whole $100 on my piece! Which isn't a lot for art, but it was a lot for MY art...which is admittedly sloppy, at best. No pictures of that atrosity, my apologies. But when I went to view the exhibit, I totally fell in love with the concept and an obsession was born.

I talked to Pam a bit about my deep DEEP love for her work that I'd seen and when she offered to mail me a housewarming present, I secretly hoped she'd send me a print, but I was in no way expecting all the great stuff I got! Check it:

Five prints! LOVE THEM! I've been searching high and low for some interesting frames because I can't see just putting them in my usual cheap wooden Wal-Mart specials. I plan on hanging them above my craft area and using them for inspirado. :)

Four pairs of earrings! The pictures don't do them guys know I'm the world's shittiest photographer.

My fave! This is awesome textured mirror that I am love with. LOVE. That's my fat belly in the middle there, in case you ain't know.

The only other art I really have right now is like some weird painting of a dude playing a guitar that I bought at a garage sale for 20 bucks. I think it looks like David Crosby but the guy was like "no way, that's just a man I painted from my head." and I told him he must have had David Crosby in his head and he got all mad. I told him I would buy it if he would say it was David Crosby, so obviously, he was hard up for that $20. I'm excited to have some real art now, eeeeee.

Just wanted to say thanks again, Pam, and I can't WAIT until you get your new computer 'cause I've missed ya.

As for my 4th of July, it was super fun, and I have pics and stuff but I'll deal with that tomorrow because I am sleeeeepy and the camera battery is dead.

Also shoutouts for Canadians, Frenchies and Kiwis, whatwhat :P

Bye dudes.


Dina said...

Unfair! I want!

Seriously though, very friggin cool. I like the mirror best too, and the lady and the monkey (of course) print. The earrings look cool from WHAT I COULD SEE (I'm gonna teach you how to use the macro mode on your camera if it kills me).

*Kristine* said...

Very cool prints :)

I hope that you find frames worthy of them so that you can hang them up soon.

Amalily said...

The prints are great so are the earrings & mirror hope they inspire you alot.

Shelley said...

These are fabulous - I love sugar skulls and dia de los muertos stuff, too. Pam is really talented, and you are so lucky, Tricia!

tantra flower said...


You actually made the guy say it was David Crosby? Ahahahahaha that's so wrong and so funny!

Amy said...

Earrings are the devil for me, but those prints kick ass. I'm going off to stalk her so I can see some more. It so rocks being in a Hispanic family. I can have all that skeleton stuff and not have anybody question it...

TJ said...

push the lil flower button to ON on your camera my friend-pooof! macro! :)

cool goodies you got...very talented artist!!

wildfluffysheep said...

Awesomely cool art. Never really looked at that kinda art closely. A lil bit creepy creepy too. So glad you have a camera that works :D

bbubblyb said...

That's really cool she sent you all that, she must really like ya *smile*. I hate framing art, it's more expensive than the art most of the time.

Chris H said...


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