Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 3: A Case of the Wednesdays

This has been a long-ass week. Maybe it's the absence of afternoon candy bars (and mid-morning candy bars...) that seems to make the days drag on foreverrrrrrr. Still kickin' it though.

Today could be tough. There's a Baby Shower/Birthday potluck thing going on at work. Pizza and cake and lots of other crap I don't need but want want WANT. I didn't contribute because I thought maybe if I didn't bring anything, I wouldn't feel obligated to eat. Or moreso I was hoping the guilt trip would help me say no. It's all smelly in here. Smells like a carnival food court. Man, I need a job where people don't eat. Just me and a bunch of anorexics, that would be TOPS. Then again, I'd just hate them all for being skinny. Damn skinny bitches!

Oh well, I have my boring chili and boring salad and I'll just try to avoid that whole half of the room today if need be. Everyone around here is pregnant. I think there's gonna be like one of these per month for at least the next 3-4 months. People need to stop having babies. It's called population control, people. I'm sorry, I'm lashing out because I want cake. STUPID BABIES AND THE CAKES THEY CREATE.

Last night at trivia, I realized that Jeff's family is a bunch of feeders. Everyone brought like a snack to share. It's only 3 hours! They're already drinking beer, now we have a big pack of Red Vines and a big ol' bag of pretzels, beer nuts and a deep dish pizza! Seriously? It was hard but I just had my Tootsie Roll Pop and four glasses of water. Not saying that a lollipop is the height of nutrition or anything, but it's better than the thickest pizza I've ever freaking seen. Inches from my face, people. Not cool. We got 3rd. Trivia is too hard lately...stresses me out. I miss my British!

It just sucks because everywhere I look, there's shit I shouldn't eat. It's hard to always say no. I realize that I have to say no if I ever plan on losing this weight, but that doesn't make it any easier. I just have to get tough. I'm too lenient and everything seems like a good enough reason to overindulge. Just feels like I'm being punished or something because right now I'm in the shittiest stage of dieting which is like feeling deprived but also having no results to show for it. Eventually there will be results, but patience is not my strong point. Enough sulking...I can do this, remember?

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Kimmi said...
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Kelly said...

What's the deal? Whya re all of these people tempting you with food? It seems like you're surrounded with it. Not cool at all. It wouldnt be so bad if it was broccoli or something but pizza is tough for anyone to resist.

Girl, get yourself some No Pudge brownie mix. Keep one with you when you have to go to these baby showers and eat it instead of the cake. It's not weird it's dealing with a situation. :)

You can do it! :)

Rebecca said...

Tricia... how I love thee... oh my god..

I dont even know where to start..

I feel your pain...maybe we can both work with non-eaters! in a plant, with robots! robots dont need food. they need lube. or something. ;)

bbubblyb said...

I know it seems everywhere you go there is endless food being pushed. Hang in there though you are doing good.

Roder said...

Would it be totally creepy to say that I love your writing? Because I do. Don't disappear again!

Camevil said...

This is a test. That has to be it. Some higher, cruel power is testing you. But DANG if you're not keeping it together. Respect.

Kim said...

Yeah, maybe a higher power testing thing you know locusts and big rocks will fall out of the sky and then buildings will turn into baby shower cake. We're all doomed. lol

Maybe making a really yummy but healthy dish to bring to these showers could help. Then make pudge brownies too like someone else suggested and just bring one along with the dish you bring. That way you aren't excluded and maybe it won't be so torturous. I dunno...that would be a super hard one for me too.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Oh boy do I know that feeling Tricia! Something's going to click though hon, and you'll end up finding that patience. Wishing you the best of luck here!

screwdestiny said...

Once CAN do this! :D

Good job on resisting all those treats. I think a Tootsie Pop was actually a pretty good idea. Kinda sorta satisfies your sweet tooth, doesn't have too many calories, and it lasts you a while. Anyway, it sounds like you are doing well, and just remember, nothing worth doing in life is easy.

If you're looking for a job where people don't eat though, I'd suggest a fashion magazine. ;)

wildfluffysheep said...

I left the gym and nearly walked straight into the fish and chip shop. BAD TIMES. there are 8 fast food places on my journey from the bus to my flat. so tempting....

CactusFreek said...

You need to stop SAYING that food is yummy and stop saying your healthier food is boring. If you keep thinking that way, it's always going to be true.
Find healthier options that you'll actualy look forward to. I used to be the number 1 salad dodger. But after experimenting with salady things i DO like, i have to say that i know make the best salads ever and i really do look forward to eating them!
Find food combinations that work for you. You can do :o)

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