Friday, April 23, 2010


I wish Dina would blog more. I miss the good ol' days when we all had high hopes of meeting in Cleveland and half of our OG crew didn't stop blogging altogether. Remember those days??

I didn't feel like blogging about my shitty performance as a dieter, so I just crudely copied this conversation I had with Dina about one of the dudes at work. His zany antics make work fun...well, less not-fun.

In a last ditch effort to stay slightly topical, dieting really does wonders for my blood pressure:
I know my heartrate's still high, but I have tachycardia and I'm still a solid 390 so LAY OFF, eh?

TGIFF. They're have a late-as-hell birthday party for me at Jeff's sister's house tonight since the last two weekends have been hectic. At some point, you just gotta say "why bother?"...BUT...I do wanna play Trivial Pursuit, so I'll allow it. Some gifts would be cool too, right? RIGHT!

Have a good weekend.


Rob West said...

I love the Omron thing. I have one but it is a BMI machine you hold with your hands. I like yours because it shows blood pressure and pulse. I am trying to lower my blood pressure right now and a gadget like that might help me. Your numbers are better than mine.

TJ said...

CLEVELAND! :( I miss the good old days too T :(

I'm still are you!! :)

@eloh said...

Yeah, I was hoping for the Cleveland this also, I doubt if I would have been well enough to go, but I would have really enjoyed reading about it and seeing the pictures.

Society wants us all laid by the time we are 17, I swear. It seems to be a mark of shame to graduate high school a virgin.

Looking back on life, (don't get me wrong - I love my kids) but I really don't think I'd mind being an "older" virgin. I'd probably keep my mouth shut about it though.

And, I'm NOT the nicest person around.... I think I'd take up a collection and buy a prostitute to take Allen down. Just for braggin' about it.

Kristy said...

I love the "V Card" and his plan to give it to his lady.

Shelley said...

OMG - the V Club? Now I have heard of everything!

Katie J said...

I have NEVER heard of such a thing! That is a fucking riot man. I wish some of the old timers were here too Tricia. I was just thinking about Carlos and Dina yesterday.

The Fat Chick said...

hahaha that is HILARIOUS! Who knew there were such clubs!

TC said...

I posted the pics of the fab stuff you sent me! Thank you again! Yeee I'm still so excited I got it! :)

The V club thing is pretty crazy. And to carry the card around? Laminated? Yeesh.

screwdestiny said...

Oh my gosh. That V Card. I'd have died too. Funny shit. If some guy gave that to me I'd be all, "Oh, don't tell me you don't know how to handle this!"

Camevil said...

I'm dying over that V card. Mormons. They're a laugh riot. Oh, and the blood pressure is really good!

I'm still here. In Cleveland. Waiting.


Anonymous said...

My mother is Mormon and *made* all of us get baptized when we were seven. Talk about fucking with a kid mentally -- I didn't even have my adult teeth and was expected to make a commitment like that. And if I didn't, I was going to go to hell. Those people can fuck themselves for all I care.

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