Thursday, April 22, 2010


I dunno where my motivation went but I wish it would get its ass back over here. I keep being lazy and fucking up and in turn, hating myself for being lazy and fucking up.

Family shit and work shit and relationship shit and all I wanna do is bury it under a thick layer of frozen custard. I hate dealing with shit. I would happily live a lifetime of denial if it meant never having to have another confrontation in my life. I just want sunshine and rainbows but it keeps raining shit all over my happy little blissfully ignorant town.

Hate it.

Hate how I deal with it.

I worked out a whole hour yesterday for Tony's challenge and even ate (gasp!) a salad for dinner, then came home and ate like 6 granola bars after midnight because of a FaceBook message my sister left me. I wish that bitch never even got a was better when we just weren't talking!

I moved 1500 miles away from my closest relative and it's still not enough.

Alright, look, sorry I'm so "woe is me" lately. I promise to shake this shitty mood and get my act together sometime in the not-so-distant future. No one wants to read about people being depressed and my main goal in life is to make you people laugh, so bear with me through this weird emo period and I swear things will get better. Thanks.

But for now...le sigh...woe is me. :(


Tricia said...

hope today is better for you!

Laurie ( said...

I see Houston.. I'm there.. who's ass do you need me to kick? LOL
We all have the Woe is Me moments.. you'll snap out of it!

Anonymous said...

Sending virtual hugs your way!! Hang in there! :D

Al (losingharry) said...

I sometimes feel the same way about my family...that's why I deleted my facebook account.

Great comment Laurie!!!LOL!

Twon said...

Man, if anyone knows about eating their woe away, it is i!

i havent hit a day with this diet yet that ive lost my resolve. yet.

dont sweat it. look at the big picture! its the war, and all that :)

Big Clyde said...

I feel for you, girl. Hang in there.

My only suggestion would be to focus on yourself, Tricia. Yes, we have to keep in line at work, etc. to pay the bills, but otherwise, your friends and family will understand if you are a bit distant or pissy while you get back on track.

You are great and funny and strong. Just focus on what you need to do right now and maybe you'll feel better.

Clyde (aka Dr. Phil)

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

It's easy to let family and frustration knock you off course, but you really have to push those excuses off to the side. Make this about YOU and what YOU need to do to take care of YOU. I'm using uppercase letters because this sh*t is IMPORTANT. Have a wishy-washy few weeks where you gain back what you've lost and you'll lose heart and lose interest. Keep building on the tremendous success you've enjoyed up until now and you'll be on the road to the really big achievements, the ones that can change your life for good.

You're good people, Tricia. I know your family's got issues, but don't let their problems keep you from what you're doing.

TJ said...

Ya know you can block people on facebook- AND my favorite feature- you can block what YOU do adn say from certain people. I love it!

hope the sunshine brightens your emo world soon! haha :)

Rebecca said...

I'm thinking your the one that needs to go to Maine, you see, I have a girlfriend there, and she doesnt buy prepared food so she has to make everything. like seriously from scratch because she cant ever just run out and get something and I swear, it's the greatest diet plan!

I'd be thin within 6 weeks! maybe even 4 if they dropped me off in the woods and made me fend for myself!

hang in there...

LauraLynne said...

family or not - you don't deserve the negative shi*t. Block them from facebook - tell them you want "real" relationships with them. I have ZERO family on my facebook for that reason exactly. I'm tired of their shit and I don't want to see them every day. Now I get to filter when and where I see them. My terms.

Hang in there. Stay strong. You CAN do this!

LAF said...

Good job on the work-out and the salad!
You are doing the best you can so try not to be too hard on yourself.

Chris H said...

Know the feeling babe.. hang in there... sending you a {{{HUG}}}.

screwdestiny said...

Hey, great job on working out for an hour yesterday! Everyone goes through rough times and you are perfectly welcome to share it with us on your blog. Just hang in there.

TC said...

Tricia! I love you!! I just got my super-duper kick-ass fuckin' A is for AWESOME box o'goodies!! You rock, sista! A more delicious, wack-o bunch of stuff I have never seen. I am so posting a pic of it all on my blog tonight!!

Me so lucky!!!

Feel better, my friend. :)

Tammy said... can totally suck ass sometimes...that's for sure. I'm considering moving 1500 miles away from mine, lol.

Get that chin up just remember that you are WORTH all this effort you've been putting in, and you've been doing a damn fine job. Don't let it slip away....make tomorrow a good one. :)

Kelly said...

Girl, wish I were there to cheer you up. We all go through low times and slip up. Don't hate yourself for the slipups though. Just don't give up.

Let me know next time you come to Houston.


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arielcircleofnine said...

you are the bomb tricia....i couldve written this exact blog. Except it wouldnt have been so coherent and not even a little darkly humorous. Hey do not beat yourself up, you have come a long way (baby)!!

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