Saturday, May 15, 2010

Make-believe we never needed anymore than this...

Here's a silly to heck do you Unfollow people on this thingamajig? I tried to add a bunch of new blogs to my Reader yesterday and it said I was maxed out at 300. Kinda like my Target card, but with less hassling phone calls. One time this dude was like "well, I see you're still able to pay your phone bill, don't you think Target deserves some of that money?" I almost wanted to give him ten bucks just for using such trickery! Instead I just hung up, then blogged about it. Anyway, yeah, how do I unfollow? There's lots of dead blogs on there and I need to make room for some fresh meat. Help me!

So tonite is Girl's Night Redux. You may remember the last Girls' Night, which was filled with alcohol and bad decisions. I need to NOT let that happen tonight. My buddy Clyde suggested maybe skipping this one for the greater good. But, I dunno. That would make me feel like dieting is getting in the way of my life, and I don't want that feeling. However, I do plan on being downright saintly when it comes to the grub tonight. There were four cakes at work yesterday and not even a drop of icing passed through these lips, so tonite I will give the fondue pot the proverbial Fuck You and come back Sunday to say how awesome it felt to be in control. All I gotta do is say no. I can do it.

To make it easier on myself, I forewarned Angel that I wouldn't be participating in the debauchery.
She was okay with it. Oh yeah, that's my FaceBook if any of you guys or gals wanna add me. I'm pretty awesome, so you might as well.

Hey, as long as I'm here, let's answer a question! Still no video upload. I set it to upload this morning before work and when I got home, it was still loading. It's just effed, you know? I'm still working on it. Jeff said he would set up my computer for audio recording while I was at work and I come home and this is what was on my desk:

Haha, look at that fuckin' thing! It makes me wanna fill my apartment with some tiny Asians drinking Remy Red and belt out some Journey ON THE REAL. Open Arms like a mofo. I thought it was gonna be like a dang headset with a mic attachment! Not some cheesy lounge singer clang-clang-clang-went-the-trolly microphone. I'll still use it, I guess. But I gotta wait until he goes to work cause I don't want him to be all "you have a blog, huh what?" NO! God.

Oh yeah, a question! Katie J submitted a 5-parter!

Katie J said...

What is your favorite form of exercise?
What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite musical group?
Have you ever considered surgery to lose weight?
What is your favorite part of your body?

a) Running...away from exercise. teehee. I dunno, I guess like pool-type stuff. Now if only someone would hurry up and fill their pool!
b) RED! Always. Forever.
c) Foo Fighters.
d) YES! I consider it all the time. Like, always. I've been to the seminars. Sadly, my insurance at work does NOT cover it. Well, not only do they not cover it, but there's an actual EXCLUSION so there's like, no way around it. Knowing what I know, the dangers and how my niece died from complications, I would still do it. If I could.
e) Bleh. I hate all my 2000 parts! I know I have a lot of weird self-esteem issues, but self-esteem can only get you so far! I guess if I had to choose, I would say my brain. It may be lazy and not know a lot about history, but it's pretty good at math and multi-tasking!

More later! Have a great weekend, guys!


Melissa in Toronto said...

You are hilarious. LOVE your blog.

411 Gurl said...

Tricia, I love how you recognize, you can't punish living because you might eat something. That's so true. With that being said. There will come a day very soon in your life that you won't need to write an email to make an excuse for you not partaking in the food/drink festivities. You just won't partake because that is what you do for You. If you had allergies to fondue, friends certainly wouldn't make you eat it. You're in the right direction and my foot is still here to kick you in your ass if you take a wrong turn. I posted your collage on my Share your vision page with your link ... how more appropriate than to start the frenzy with you on top leading the way! I can't wait to hear about your girls night out victories.

Blossom said...

To stop following blogs, in your dashboard, go to the "manage" button at the bottom of "blogs I'm following". A new page should pop up. You click on the "settings" button for each blog, it'll pop up in a new window. Then you can click "stop following this site". Unfortunately, I only know how to do it this way, which is one at a time...

Big Clyde said...

Gurl said it well. If you can go to the party without having to get emotional permission to not eat all the garbage and win the drinking game, then party-on, Garth. But if you feel that you might be weak to the dark side of the force, then try skipping it. Monday's a drag when you wasted a week's effort on one night.

It sounds like your head is in the right place. Maybe you "pre-function" by eating really light all day and loading up on water.

Having not met you in person, I would say that my favorite part of your body is your brain. Wish I was as clever.

Have a good nite, girl.

LAF said...

I think your FB message to your friend was awesome. It can be so hard sometimes with
girl-get-togethers (you know what I mean)
to stay strong and focused on health instead of letting your hair down and just being like,
"...and fuck it, I work hard. I deserve this..."
Have fun and may the force be with you!!

TJ said...

that mic is BIG! I guess we will be able to hear ya LOUD and CLEAR! lol :)

I hope you went out to girlzzz nite and had FUN! :)

TJ said...

oh- the unfollow- On the front page of your blogger, there is a MANAGE section. You can unfollow all of the peeps who got flaky on us (IM NOT NAMING ANY NAMES! ) lol

TC said...

I am jealous of a girl with a big microphone.

I am SO adding you on fb! Hells yeah! You will class up that joint for me fo esp. if you continue using words like "cunty"! LOVE IT!


Anonymous said...

I love that you took a stand. That message was perfect. You totally took responsibility for yourself. A lot of people would have been all "unless you guys stop drinking and eating all that junk, blah blah blah." You're an outstanding person. XOX

I'm crossing my fingers my blog survives the cut. It's been dormant for four months so it isn't looking good. lol I am going to start blogging again, I promise, I'm just not exactly sure when. I wouldn't blame you for unfollowing me, but I kind of hope you don't.

Paula Rodriguez said...

Glad I stopped here today and read this post. I have the hardest time not indulging when I'm out. Alot of my friends and eat and drink to their heart's content and most of our outings revolve around cocktails and food. It's tough and its been an obstacle for me to lose weight. Maybe I need to be upfront with them and explain that I just can't partake. I hope some day I'll have the dicipline to sit at table with a bowl of chips and salsa and not eat the whole darn basket. But that day is just not here.

Sorry I hijacked your comment section. I hope I am not one of the persons you want to unfollow.

Rob West said...

Here are two different ways you can unfollow people on blogger. I made a video and will try to post it here. I didn't put any sound in. Sorry bout that.

Kim said...

LOL! I like the part where proverbial and F-you are in the same sentence. I can see it now...Confucious say F-YOU! lol Oh, and red is my favorite color too and I love The Foo Fighters...Everlong and Miracle are two of my faves. :) lmao@cling clang clang. You crack me're the funniest and I second what you say about your brain. You are super smart. I couldn't come up with the kind of witty things you say on any given day. :)

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

FYI. Blogger will actually let you go over 300 as long as they're other blogger blogs.

Laurie ( said...

I tried to find you on facebook on my phone, but it's not cooperating... if you have a chance, add me! is how you can search for me! Oh, and got your message about the pho... I'll make it and if it's good, I'll send you the recipe... I got it off of :)

Twon said...

For me, feeling like dieting is getting in the way of living my life will be the ultimate downfall of my dieting experience!

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