Saturday, May 22, 2010

When it comes to huge openings, a lot of people think of me.

It was a good Friday night. I got to go see a live performance of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I won't lie and say it's something EVERYONE will love, but personally, I thought it was one of the greatest things I've ever seen.

It incorporates three things I really love in a show: drag queens, fucking kick-ass original songs and a lot of blow job jokes. Though if I'm being literal, Hedwig the character isn't a drag queen so much as a transgender who had a very bad surgical experience, thus creating the "angry inch." If you haven't seen the movie, I would say see it. Because it fucking rules.

And if ever you get the chance to see the live rock kick-ass show, do that too. My heart was totally full.

Wish I had gotten some better pictures DURING the show, but it felt super rude to take pics while that dude's up there like...kicking ass. So I just got these lame ones of the program and the stage before the show started.

THEN...I get home and log into Blogger to find that HELLO WE ARE AT 301! Dude, that was SO fast! I am thoroughly impressed and humbled, my friends. That was like 11 people in one day!

I dunno how it happened, but it rules, seriously. I say rules a lot now. But only because I mean it.

Rest assured I will be spending the rest of the weekend trying to put together my Project 300 giveaway! It WILL be 300 things, even if like 295 of them are like something lame. Word is bond!

Love love love...goodnite.


anne h said...

YAY for Hedwig and YAY for you and your awesome group of followers!
Love, Love, Love and 4 in the morning! Yikes!

Twon said...

Ha ha. Oh Hedwig. I've only seen the movie, but it was quite the experience! :)

I'll be psyched when I hit 30 lol

@eloh said...

I saw that... Good for you!

I've been at this for about a year. I made a steady rise to just over 100... then I bloomed.

I feel like a 60 year old high school cheerleader.. still in uniform with the only thing showing any spirit are my knees as they knock my boobs outta the way so I can shuffle along.

300 things... maybe you could have "contributors". I'd send you something or two.

TJ said...

Glad you had a fun Friday night! :) I had my PJ's on by 545pm! :)

Whoohooo 301! :) Get to work on that giveaway girl! :)

Anonymous said...

good job

Big Clyde said...

Congrats on your reaching your goal. We love your writing!

I haven't seen Hedgwig...not my style at all. But I do love The Big Lebowski. Have you seen it?

Have a great weekend!

Katy said...

Love that movie, love the music.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

you are hilarious! Glad i found your blog!!@!
Have a pretty day! Kristin

Katy said...

You're at 302! WaHoo!

screwdestiny said...

Swedish fish rule. I wouldn't mind 295 of those. :P But seriously, congrats on all the followers! You deserve it.

Shelley said...

300...paper clips? If they're colorful, they won't be lame. Congrats on reaching 301 - woot! Go Tricia Militia!!!

Laurie ( said...

I'm going to have to track down that movie to watch..
wtg on the followers.. i'm sure it will get greater and greater every day! You are so much fun to read, and inspirational at the same time! :)

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