Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When it hurts so bad, why's it feel so goooood?

So I was down 5.8 today, taking me to an ALMOST even 380.2. This pleases the Tricia.

As far as the challenge goes, I'm back in it, baby! I'm now down 5.0% to her 5.7%. I feel like I can totally kick ass for the next two weeks and take it if I just try really hard and don't fuck up...like, ever. I CAN DO THIS!

And before Jack Sh*t chimes in, I'm NOT abandoning the diet after the challenge. I'm simply saying, it would be a real morale boost for me to actually pull out the win. Not to mention the fact that I need those moneys! So...slow and steady, stay the course, blah blah blah, don't eat cake.

This coming up Saturday is another dang Girl's Nite though. It's good and bad. I really do enjoy getting together with this group of hoez and playing dirty Pictionary and watching them get drunk and fall down, but gah, the temptation of it all! Karen and her damn traveling fondue pot! (and it's fresh chocolate every time, so that handy trick you guys gave me last time about thinking the chocolate was contaminated is NULL...as if contamination would ever be enough to keep me away from chocolate anyway...silly readers!)

I was trying to think of maybe some low-carb dish I could take, then pondering a few low-carb cocktails. BUT I KNOW ME! Get a couple shots of random liquor in me and there goes the ol' resolve. Oh sure, I'll START by eating sensibly. My diet-y food, then a rum and diet coke. Four hours later, I'm fisting a bowl of molten chocolate with reckless abandon. (your mental image - check it.)

I don't even like to drink.

All this damn peer pressure!

I thought about emailing a "I'M NOT COMING IF YOU GUYS ARE GONNA FORCE ME TO WRECK MY DIET!" letter to all involved parties, but that just seems...yuck. I don't wanna be THAT person. Plus, ultimately, I'm a grown-ass woman, and if I say no, it means no. Now...I just gotta practice saying it. Then say it when it counts!

I did turn down roasted potatoes AND cake at the Mother's Day thing. So...that's something. It means I actually CAN say no. Well...if I'm being honest, I just left right at cake time. Driving home feeling like some scorned ex-lover. I'd rather leave the party than see my Love having fun with a bunch of young hussies! This shit...it's serious.

Time to go eat some meat. Change the record, eh?


✯FiTCETERA✯ said...

Fantastic loss on the scale, Tricia!
Your writing is so damn funny. Even when it's serious.
Some Canuck speak at the end. Nice flourish. :D

~Jessica said...

5.8 is a great loss! Congrats!

I have also just had to learn to really put my foot down at the girls nights. In a way, I think my group of girls (they're catty & sensitive) take offense when I dont dive into the deep dish pizza & baked goodies. I've hurt a few feelings by declining but now they are used to it. They even kind of like that there is "more for them".

Big Clyde said...

Okay...a few things:

1. Congrats on the loss. Do you know that we are all dying to hear that you win this thing? Finish him, Mr. Lawrence!

2. You are becoming a different person (healthier) by making different choices. Be careful of doing the same old thing that doesn't fit with those choices (during this transition time). Girl's Nite sounds fun, but loaded with temptations...maybe it would be easier on you to be somewhere else this time???

3. This is the second Canadian reference I have seen on a blog recently. This is concerning to me. I don't have anything against Canada (as a place), but let's face it, you can't really trust Canadians. I guess I'll have to write about this at some point, but we all know it's true.

Please, The Tricia, tell us you're not Canadian.

Jennifer said...

Hey, I'm Canadian and if there's a word my friends have used to describe me, it's trustworthy. :)

Congrats on the loss Tricia!

Anonymous said...

You do know we don't all say "eh", eh? :)

LOVE the blog.

Katy said...

A few months ago I went to a valentines day pot-luck party. There were brownies, more brownies, cake, cupcakes, m&m's, fondue & cookies galore. Picture walking into that willy wonka room. I swear they were pumping freshly baked brownie scent through the vents. It was the best and worst thing a fat girl could ever experience. I ate....nothing! NOTHING!!! I still can't believe I did it. All I talked about the whole night was Body for Life and I made sure everyone knew I was not going to eat anything. I didn't tell everyone so they could moniter me, rather to ease some of the internal pressure. When you're in such a high-temptation area all you want to do is eat to relieve some of the tension. When you tell everyone, it somehow disperses some of the anxiety. It was still hard, but it was easier knowing that everyone knew my plan. I'm sure I sounded annoying talking about Body for life, but F-it. It's what I needed to do, so I did it. This situation you're going into...if you don't eat I promise you you'll feel like you can do anything afterwards.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

If you really want to win this thing (and I'm being all kinds of serious here), use my buddy's final weigh-in tip. Fast the day before (nothing but water and Sugar-Free Jell-O) and double dose of a laxitive and a couple of bottles of magnesium citrate. He's won two BL competitions at his office at a Fortune 500 company. That final weigh-in is his "secret" to victory.

Of course, he heads straight to the buffet after taking home the cash (I guess so he can start gaining it back for the NEXT BL challenge) so I don't recomment ALL his strategies.

I don't think you're gonna lay back after this challenge, Tricia. I think you're going to see that this is actually something you can do and continue to do.

Big Clyde said...

Jennifer, I guess I should say I'm sorry (pronounced "sore-y", like the Canadians do)...but what do you guys do up there all day? Aside from drinking beer, playing hockey and producing comedians for Saturday Night Live, we just don't hear from all of you very much.

Really, what are you guys up to, up there? This is my concern.

TJ said...

WOW! YOU GO GIRL! That is a GREAT loss! :) HIGH 5! :) Be strong and know that the pot of MONEY is waiting for you each time you want to cave into that fondu pot! lol I know it;s hard to not eat the goodies when they are right there in your face, but you can do it!!!! :)

Twon said...

Girl, I know. I know.

That sounds like a total replay on my last saturday! The trick (I didnt abide by myself) would be to have some greasy bacon cheeseburgers before you go to counter the alcohol and keep food cravings down!!

Meat does get tedious. After carbs this weekend i am a ravenous beast and need to keep telling myself that the urge to be make love to... i mean "eat; an entire cake is just my body yelling for carbs because its lazy and doesnt want to switch ketosis on again. Today is very willpowery.

Have some fish, or tofu! i may make some buffalo chix for dinner. mmmm.

411 Gurl said...

Tricia, I am so proud of you!!! You keep doing what you're doing. Just off the top of my head, you could bring chicken wings of course, meatballs, cream cheese roll ups, deviled eggs- check out the link to the recipe book i posted in the comments a few days back, there are lots of dessert recipes I tried that were good, I think the mini cheese cakes and frozen pbutter cups. Try cheese fondue with pork rinds??? :)

TC said...

You doin' goooood there Tricia-baby! Lol@"fisting chocolate"...what an image!

Big Clyde:

We Canadians are up here plotting how we can take over YOUR country and make you all say "eh" and drink REAL beer and watch hockey.

But really, we do the exact same shit up here that you Americans do down there...except maybe a bit cleaner and nicer. :P It's not like we are a "foreign" country or anything. We eat the same food, watch the same TV shows and movies, drive the same cars, use the same electronics and, for the most part, act the same way you do!

And, FYI Americans, the temperature doesn't actually plummet 20 or 30 degrees the moment you cross the 49th Parallel. We use CELSIUS. When you hear, "It's 23 degrees in the summer," don't picture us all shivering around our igloos in July with only our husky dogs for warmth. I actually met Texans during Expo 86 who arrived in their PARKAS in June. Uh huh. I'm sure most of you knew that we aren't really the land of ice and snow already though. :) Most of Canada's population resides in the south, so if you picture a winter in your northern states, bingo you have winter for most Canadians. Summer, same deal! Except for Vancouver. We are special in our lil' corner of B.C. Our winters are very mild, we get very little snow (sometimes none). Summers are warm, but not really hot. We get more rain than most places (think Seattle) but I LOVE it here. :)

I think we HAVE earned the Canadian stereotypes. We like our hockey and drink some beer on occasion (though not like the Irish!. Some of us DO say "eh" (which sounds better than the American, "huh" IMHO). And, in general, we are nice and polite. So sue us!

Canadian girl rant...over.

Tricia said...

Damn, she told yo ass.

Linda Pressman said...

Must beat Nemesis Dieter!

Great loss, Tricia!

Kim said...

lmao at fisting chocolate!! and blah blah blah didn't eat cake. lol! (sigh) just what the doctor ordered...and I'm laughing at the Canadian girl's reply and you saying "told YO ass". lol..love it! I.so.needed.that. :)

Shelley said...

Grats on the nearly 6 pounds lost - amazing work, Tricia - glad to see that your denial of all things carb is paying off! You WILL beat your diet opponent, I just know it!!!

screwdestiny said...

Awesome loss, Tricia! Glad your work this week paid off. :) I don't think that email idea would be bad at all. Simply because we can see that you are stressing over it, yet do want to go out with them, so it'd just be nice if they knew not to pressure you to drink/eat crap food. Then you could all have a good time and not worry too much about it.

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