Monday, May 10, 2010

PWNing n00bz.

I recently posted a comment on Tony's blog about how he used to inspire me even way back in the days before I had a blog (the olden days!) I would post on the Weight Watchers message boards, but to be honest, I never made any bonds there. A lot of my posts got deleted because (god forbid) they weren't DIET related.

Even on the board that was specifically set up for people with 200+ pounds to lose, I still didn't feel like I belonged. did lead me to FreeWebs, which eventually (with some prodding from Dina) led me to Blogger. And I DO feel like I've found my place here. I'm free to rant and swear without worrying about some overbearing mod-type deleting my threads. I get TONS of support and advice and even some annoying criticism...that I need...sometimes.

I think it's so important to just find people that you can relate to. It's not easy being a 400 pound woman in the world. I get stared at and points and giggles and that's just when I'm standing around minding my own business. I like knowing I can bitch about it here and have people there to say "things will get better" or "fuck those assholes!"

I remember when I was like 10 and my niece and her friends were making fun of me for being fat. I got upset and started to cry. I went home and my dad asked me why I was crying. I told him it was because people were making fun of me for being fat and it made me sad. His answer: "well...maybe you shouldn't be so fat." Thus began a lifetime of holding in a lot of rage and sadness and just being the funny fat friend so at least they'd be laughing WITH me, not AT me.

I guess I'm just's nice to have a place to let it out. I feel less crazy :)

That being said...there are lots of new peeps joining our ranks and they all need our support! Having a bunch of great people who read my stories is great. Having people comment about how they relate is AWESOME! I want everyone to have this! I compiled a short list of new blogs that I've been reading in the hope that you'll stop by and check them out too! it, eh?

Fuck You Cookie - Chris' exceptionally-titled blog. Plus, he's brewing his own beer, people.

Fatty Blogsticks
- her awesome drawings alone should be enough to garner a million followers...but it's also a great blog. I'm a big fan of her 52 Reasons, so far :)

Twon - A fellow low-carber! Go check out his Energy Kick-Start Challenge...then join it!

Dear Dr Atkins- Rob is yet another low-carber. WE ARE EVERYWHERE!

411 Gurl - Cutest blog format ever! Also, she's around my size so we vowed to kick ass together. Go cheer her on!

Project Look Good Naked - Katy: A Sister in the Struggle! She leaves great comments too!

Flabby McGee - A cool gal trying to get healthy. Diabetes can suck it!

Losing Harry - Watch Al's stationary bike tour across America! He freaking lost 11 pounds this week!

The Clydesdale Project - So it turns out Clyde's blog isn't as new as I thought, but I can't NOT include him. He's way supportive and always leaves me nice helpful comments, PLUS...he's like, the next Lance Armstrong. But with both far as I know (?)

BACK FROM THE GRAVE! Don't forget these oldies but goodies making their most triumphant return!

Twinklydots - If you need a 4X size tie-died bustier with attached tu-tu, you've found your gal.

Farsination - Congrats on the Masters! That kicks ass :)

A Load Off My Chest - He's back and almost at goal!

Whew, I sure hope all those links work! Maybe you don't know this about me, but I'm actually NOT some computer genius, you know? If they don't work, lemme know.

If you've got a new blog that I haven't found yet and you need some lovin', get yourself out there! Post some comments and spill your guts. Send some love out into the blogosphere and you'll be surprised at the amount you get back in return.

Now, before I leave, and to save this post from being a total mushy love-fest, I have a video to post! So like, you know the one lady at work that's doing low-carb with me? She LOVES it. Like...for real, love. Not that he's-kinda-cute-love, but that I-WOULD-DIE-FOR-YOU-love, you know? It's because she loves butter. I'm not really a fan, but whatever...some people love butter and she's one of them peoples. So every day at lunch she busts out the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray and goes to town on whatever she's eating. I bet she gets tendonitis from all that damn spritzin'. Anywho, she thought I wasn't paying attention and just sprayed some right into her mouth the other day like it was Binaca and she was about to do some passionate kissin'. I DEMANDED she do it again and let me film it! For you guys, obv.

I'm gonna really miss her when her heart gives out.

Alright, this is long as shit, so I'm out. Click those links! Share the love!


fatty blogsticks said...

wow, thanks tricia. just so you know, the love is mutual! your blog makes me crack up. i pounce on all your new posts! xx

Katy said...

Being made fun of as a kid is always awful, but being made fun of for being big has got to be the most gut wrenching thing ever. Listening to you talk about being a kid and getting made fun of totally brings me back. Even though we're adults now, it still really hurts thinking of that. Eating was how we delt with bad situations because that's all we knew how to do. Now we know better, and hopefully most times we do better.

PS-thanks for the blog love!

Al (losingharry) said...

Cool...more people to follow. Thanks for all the links.

Twon said...

That was so terrible of your dad to say! Parents don't realize how their words are like gold to us and even a side comment, even meant in jest can stay with us our whole lives.

Yay! I'm going to add some people now :)

Flabby McGee said...

Oh, my god you're so awesome!!!!! Thanks so much! Pwning noobs huh? Any chance you're a gamer girl???

twinkelydots said...

I was reading all the prop's and thinking "that bitch better have listed that I'm back" and POOF! You did! Thanks.
I recently had someone say to me "You're not at your optimum weight. You should be 150."
I said "But I've lost 100 pounds!"
"Yeah, but that's nothing to be proud of. You shouldn't have gained all that weight to begin with. You haven't taken care of yourself."
I replied with a "Fuck you" and then deleted that asshole from my life.

He's right. I shouldn't have gained that extra 150 pounds but I did.
And I'm no hero for losing the weight.
I have
I did.

And you are losing weight. Every day. Now.
BTW: You rock.
Thanks again.

Big Clyde said...

Girl, you kill me! You describe me as nice and supportive...and like Lance Armstrong with balls! I'm more like Lance's fat cousin "Tubby" Armstrong (but yes, I still have my pair).

Thanks for the link. Have a great week.

Kelly said...

Love ya, girl. You'll make goal weight. It won't be easy but it'll be worth it. Then you can go kung fu on all of those assholes that were rude and mean.

Spraying butter in your mouth is pretty gross. My mom used to put butter in my spaghettios when I was a kids and I hated it. Everything had butter. And/or Crisco. Yeah, I'm sure my heart is not in the best shape either. :)

THought of you while I had my Weight Control oatmeal this morning. That was one huge box of goodies!! Still enjoying it.

Wishing on a star said...

Spray butter, on the sly? Seriously??? Tequila or Nutella, maybe (no, I have never done that I swear. Too funny :)

Thanks for sharing the blogs I will check them out. You rock the blogosphere fo sho!

Chris - FYC said...

Hey! thanks so much for the mention, I've been working on a weight for a while but finally decided to start blogging about it and it's been extremely helpful in helping me figure my stuff out. I'll be sure to check out the others listed, I'm always looking for good weight loss blogs to read.

Heather (aka Auntie) said...

Hey girl - you are too funny! I always seem to lose weight in my face first; why? I would totally be Ok with losing fat in my ass or boobs first, but there is so much to be lost there that it would take quite a loss to be noticed.

As for your struggle with your beliefs, I can totally relate. I am going through a very similar struggle myself. I am also struggling with the guilt and shame of admitting that the religion that was chosen for me as a child is not working for me as an adult. Even though I have not been a "practicing member" for years, to state out loud that you don't agree is scary. But I haven't been struck by lightening (yet), so I think I'll eventually be OK. Hang in there!

Hearing about that gal squirting the butter directly into her mouth nearly made me pee my pants. I had a friend in the 3rd grade that used to eat Cristco straight out of the can. I often wonder if she is still alive...

Shelley said...

OMG, that butter-spraying co-worker is too much! And you are so freaking funny, Tricia - "I'm really gonna miss her when her heart gives out" had my laughing so hard my dog woke up.

I'm glad you found Blogger and that I found you. You seriously make my day whenever I see a new post from you.

Now I'm off to go check out some of the new bloggers! Have a great day, my friend!

screwdestiny said...

Gross! I'm not that big of a fan of butter. Lol. Definitely not enough to spray it in my mouth. Ugh. I just think of my mouth feeling all greasy. Ewww. Okay, anyway, I'm glad you found a good community in Blogger because I freaking love your blog.

411 Gurl said...

I will never look the same at my spray bottle of butter again. Thanks for the shout out. You're almost to 300!!!

POD said...

Thanks, Tricia, for stopping by and commenting on Hannah and our wedding frivolity. I watched the video and the sprayer reminds me of Ruby on Style Network (I think) where she uses the butter spray like oxygen.
I'm going to look around. Looks like I've been missing my buddies over here.

TJ said...

LOL @ the ICBINB lady! HAHA! I use that when I make grilled cheese on my George forman, but never thought to spray it directly into my mouth! HAHA That is butter luv!


Kim said...

Thanks for all the new blogs to visit. :)

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