Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sugarless Daddy.

This is my buddy, Jacob! Jacob is my friend Angel's youngest son and he's 10 years old. His hobbies include making paper airplanes and guns and collecting foil for his giant foil ball. At 18 months, Jacob was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and Cystic Fibrosis. Needless to say, life's not easy for him. He's just a kid, but he has a lot of shit to deal with every day.

On one hand, it sucks because he's a rough and tumble little dude, but he can't even have a juice box without a finger prick and a blood sample. I'm an adult and I can barely force myself to do that shit like once a day.

Being a diabetic myself, and having so many ties to kids and adults with diabetes, I was really happy to see YumYucky and The Anti-Jared making an effort to get us all involved in helping kids with Diabetes. It's a GREAT cause and I think you should get involved too! Donating ANY amount would REALLY help (even a dollar!) and hopefully there will be a cure for this pain-in-the-ass disease sometime soon. It's just not fair being a sick kid :(

Click here to donate!

Click here to lend your support to: YumJared Sugar Sweet Free Day! and make a donation at !

In other news, I'm using this Sugar-Free day as a catalyst to jump-start my weight loss efforts again. Been dealing with lots of self-hate and emo bullshit and I'm ready to start digging my way out. I have lots of shit to work on, but the least I can do is give up sugary nonsense for this ONE day. SOLIDARITY!

Sorry I haven't been blogging much. I don't like to blog about my sad days, even though it does usually garner me a TON of comments! Some days I just don't feel like sharing. I promise I'm working on it and hopefully I'll be back to posting some funtimes soon. Miss you guys!

Make it a great UNSWEET Wednesday, friends!


Katy said...

Take whatever time you need, but know that you're seriously missed by me! If you ever want to've got my email

Caddy DeJonger

Dani @ WRW said...

I understand. I don't like posting when I'm down either because I don't feel like it's a true reflection of who I am, you know?

Anyway, great cause! Jacob reminds me of my son Zach.

Katie J said...

Do what works best for you Tricia. We miss you too and we are here to listen to you regardless.

Thanks for posting about this and I am with you. I would rather inject my insulin then poke my fingers. I am going to ditch the MFers one of these days.

arielcircleofnine said...

OMG, I had no idea and I already ate a 5lb bag of sugar!!! (not really but, prolly close since I had 4 poptarts--no lie).
Im riding with you on the self-hate and emo train just didnt see me cuz Im hiding in the back under the seats!
HUGS for ((((Tricia))))

Anonymous said...

Please keep posting. You are a great writer! I hope that this is not annoying, but can you see a therapist? You don't deserve the self-hatred you feel, perhaps you could unravel some of that in therapy.

POD said...

I have to figure out how to give bucks! I thought that pain in the ass Bret Michaels raised a ton of cash for type 1. If you have diabetes, I cannot even believe your insurance would not pay for WLS. You can force them. They are stupid because your ailment costs more long term.
Since I've been home from the hospital, I've stopped my asthma meds completely and not taken one Claritan D. Used to have post nasal bullshit all damn day long and now think it was the hiatal hernia. Yesterday was one week since the surgery and I'm down 17lbs. It's not easy though.
If I cant figure out how to donate by your little Pledge flag thing, I'll email you. And snap the hell out of the funk. I don't like to blog when Im bummed either. And I hate all those nice comments people make. It's like if they were close by, they wouldn't give you a glance but it's really easy to be sweet here. (well, easy for others. haha)

Anonymous said...

I was just mailing a giveaway pacakge to one of my readers and on the return address I put "Biz of Biggest Diabetic Loser."

The postman said - is that you? I said yes. He said "are you diabetic?" Yes. He asked "do you have to take shots? Um, yes 4 times a day! And he was like, there is no way in hell I could ever give myself a shot!

It sucks, but its a managable disease - it just takes a hell of a lot of work!

Hope you have new goals for me this weekend - it will be week 4 of the 101 days of summer challenge - you can do it! :D

Results Not Typical Girl said...

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I'm ready to listen.
When you want to bitch.

xox - Kirsten

PurplePoizon said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now and I love it, thanks for sharing. You crack me up every time I read, I keep coming back for more. I'm so glad to see this post, to see that you are still truckin' on, like me, in this battle to kick fat's ass! Keep diggin' girl, you can do it.

big_mummy said...

self hate and emo bullshit seems to be where everyone is at.... fashion or some shit xx

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