Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Near Life Experience.

Man...where to begin?...

It's been a long time, eh? I think about this thing from time to time and miss the camaraderie that came with all the following and commenting and shared joy/misery, etc. Other times I'm like, "man, nothing could get me into the weight loss blogging game again!" All those feelings of defeat because I didn't lose as much as this person, or as fast as that person. Those are my own fault...I know it's not a competition, but it's hard - well, impossible for me - to not compare results and get all bummed out! Plus...all that dieting business is just not what I wanna talk about. I wanna talk about me! My weirdo life.I don't mind talking about being fat, but I hate talking about dieting!

So I think I want a new blog. Plus, I wouldn't mind having a blog that I could actually invite a few of my real life pals to. I would NEVER want any of them to see this one, seeing as how I talked crap about at least a half dozen of them on here somewhere...not to mention the fact that my weight is plastered all over AND I'm pretty sure I talked about my sexy dreams about one of them once. I WOULD DIE. Sure, I talk a big game, but I'm pretty shy when it comes that junk in person. "Sexual thoughts? What are those? Never heard of 'em."

On the downside, I have almost 400 followers on this blog. It would be a tough transition going from like 380 to 3. I'm nothing if not completely dependent on that number for nearly my entire self-worth! Still, I should try to employ the policy of 'quality over quantity' in this situation, regardless of the fact that I don't employ it any other arena of my life like...ever. BUT I SHOULD, is what I'm saying. Alls I'm saying is that three people who actually leave me comments is better than 400 that don't...right? RIGHT!

So you should help me name my new blog. Then you can follow it!...if you're still here, of course. Bear in mind that I really love puns, and that I don't want anything lame. Those are the only two rules except for the obvious rule about not being able to talk about fight always. Also, I especially like puns that involve my name. I was thinking about making some reference to like NuTricia...but that kinda just puts me back in the weight loss category, doesn't it? Defeating the purpose...don't play that game. Here's an idea: Leave me a comment of what you think I should name the new blog, and the best name gets a prize! For free! From me! I dunno what yet...probably something dumb. But're too good for free stuff now?? You've changed, man. I miss the old you.

Man, I have so much to tell you guy(s)! Lots of stuff - good and not good at all - has been happening to and around me. I had an actual life for a couple months...that was fun while it lasted. Now I'm back to blogging, so yeah, figure that one out.

Here's a very abridged list of some of the more notable things have been going on recently:
*Went to L.A. for the first time ever!
*Drove in snow!
*Friended then defriended a gaggle of ex-Mormons!
*A LOT of karaoke-ing!
*A reasonable amount of trivia!
*Saw American Idiot The Musical!
*Saw Cirque de Soleil LOVE!
*My dad died...that sucked. Talk about this later when I'm not busy trying to ditch this blog.
*Got naked and ate a dude's face off!
*Took a tequila tasting class!
*Became pretty much awesome at just taking shots of tequila, even without the class!
*Went to my first Bar Mitzvah! (P.S. Mazel tov!)

One of those isn't true...but I'll never tell!

That's enough for now! This got long. Turns out I'm still rambly. Hey, if you're still around, drop me a line! Tell me which of those weird things on that list you'd wanna hear more about and I'll do my best to accomodate. And don't forget to think of a new blog name so you can win something you don't need and probably don't even want! Feel free to invite your friends to play too! I've been outta the loop too're my only hope. Bye!


Chai Latté said...

Well, Hello there!
I, for one, have missed you! I am really glad to hear you may be rejoining the blogosphere. Your posts were always hilarious, smart, and relatable. (red dotty line says relatable is not a word, is that true?!)

Anyway, I blog over at now, but I'll still be following the shit out of you, wherever you may go! :-)

Also, I am terribly sorry to hear about your dad.

Megan S @ Gourmet or Go Home said...

Hey Tricia,
Followed you for ages, but don't think I ever commented. Don't have anything cool to name your blog just wanted to say I'm happy to see you back and I'm sorry about your dad!

Kristen said...

Tricia's back! Can't even tell you how happy I was to see Fight Fat Phobia on top of my google reader this morning. I am a huge tequila fan, so I hope you share some of your new-found tequila tasting knowledge. And the Mormon story definitely sounds interesting. I just watched the episode of Glee called "Prom-asaurus," so the only name I can think of is T-Riciasaurus, which prob isn't very good. I suck at puns (and names!).

ps: So, so sorry to hear about your dad. <3

Wishing on a star said...

Hi Tricia,

Glad you are back. It would be of the most supreme awesomeness for you to blog again. I miss your humor. I would follow for sure!!

Shelley said...

I'm so happy to see you writing again, Tricia - I love your voice. No idea on the new blog name (sorry I suck at things like that...just look at my dumb blog name for proof, lol!). And I'm sorry about your dad.

Looking forward to hearing about the rest of the story on everything you listed. :)

Rebecca said...

like the others have glad your back!!

and im so sorry about your dad.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

How about "Tricia Blog More"... sorry, that's all I got. Well, it's not ALL I got, but it's all I'm willing to give away for free. I've got some really sweet-ass blog names, stuff you wouldn't think of in a million years..........................

Jessie said...

Glad to have you back! I was also quite thrilled to see a FFP post in my google reader! Can't wait to continue following wherever you end up.

Unknown said...

Trash Talkin Tricia?
Tricia from the Strip? (Vegas)
Was so happy to see a blog post lit up on the RSS feed. You are one of the funniest and relatable bloggers out there. I am so sorry about your loss, I was there a few years ago myself so I know how horrible it is first hand, and just hang in there! Tequila tasting sounds like a good start for a post, as well as the driving in snow. Would be funny for me to read that as a Chicagoan that has dealt with it for years. Glad to hear from you!

Dina said...

Musings of the Dark Hearted Soul?

Or um. I think you're gonna have to name your blog. But still send me something. Peace.

Diana said...

Walking out the door for work, but quick comment...Soooo happy you posted. I think of you sometimes and wonder how you're doing. If you start a new blog you must post it here so I can find it.

Glad you're doing well. No great ideas on a blog name. I have the dumbest name ever...Diana's Weight Loss Journey - most boring name ever! Never thought anyone would actually read it.

Take care and post again soon!

Katy said...

TRICIA! So happy to see this in my google thingie too!!! I'm right there with you about weight loss blogging. I miss the good ole' days, but I just don't have the same gumption to talk about dieting. I'll be a loyal follower of whatever blog you're writing. Not sure about names. I always liked the tricia militia though :)

Dinosaur said...

Fuck yeah!!! YOU'RE BACK!! Dude, you are my fav person to read....I don't care what you talk about! You could write about sand flees and I'd be all over it like a crazy dude eatin' a face! Call it "gigglefart" for all I care....I'll be there fo sho.

buttkissbaby said...

Oh mah gawd you are alive. Gurl I just about done had twins in the time you be gawn

caroline said...

The Tricia Militia or Tricia's Minutiae???

Whatever you name it, I'll be reading.
Just glad you're back and I'm sorry about your Dad.

Janell said...

I had to stop reading so I could offer a name for your new blog. Following along your own suggestion of Nutricia, you could still use Newtricia even tho my version is not very punny. It's 2/3 of a pun.
How about Delisha? Sand-fleas of Envy. (get it?)
It doesn't matter the title. I'm glad to read something funny. I have not been writing much at all. But I'm totally with you on the writing about failing bullshit. Why? I would much rather read about things that happen that are humorous than someone blaming themselves over and over again for eating another taco. (hey, there's a blog name for you -Give Me Another Talk-O.

Janell said...

I went back to finish reading.
Sorry to read about your dad dying. Hopefully they have internet where he is so he can read your funny posts.

Amy said...

I was seriously contemplating naming my own blog 'whataloadofcrap', so I may not be the best person to come up with suggestions....but I'm psyched to see you blogging again!
the tequila tasting...I had to go to the liquor store for a present and they had a tequila tasting. ooookay....I know this is Texas, but are we promoting the drinking and driving now?

Anonymous said...

Yay welcome back!!!!! I checked this blog in vain for months after you stopped posting, hoping to catch a new update... out of nowhere, I decided to check again today and yay! new posts!

Linda Pressman said...

I'm thinking Mission Trish-ossible - but I'm not sure that can be pronounced without a lisp... Well, maybe something along those lines. It would give you a lot of room to write - the "ossible" can be impossible or possible! Or, to go with your new "Team Jew" thing, Trish Kitsch - a little Yiddish.

Beautifully written tribute to your dad, warts and all. RIP Trish's dad.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I randomly checked out your blog and you are back to writing. I love the way you write, and I could care less if it's about dieting.. I'm not a hardcore blog reader - I don't subscribe to many blogs, but I will definitely subscribe to yours.... I originally came across your site a while back when I was losing weight. I lost it quite quickly, but gained it back and then some.. and here I am again for another round... Your writing is real, and I do get tired of blogs with their fake positive BS - sounding like they stole their content from an Oprah magazine.. *rolls eyes* I'm not implying that you are the opposite of this, but I do appreciate that you are not making it your mission to inspire readers with stupid ass quotes etc.. Lord knows I get enough people on FB with their "pearls of wisdom" quotes to inspire me to lead a better life.. anyways Tricia, I'm not clever enough to come up with a name for your site.. Sorry.. Just wanted to say that I'm glad you are back and I'm very sorry to hear about your father..

Ve said...

So glad youre bloggig again! I dont have a name suggestion for your new blog. So.

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