Tuesday, April 21, 2009

5th Place is the fourth loser.

Pfft...5th place! Lame suckers.

3 girly rum drinks + 5th place + 1 british dude = too late for math.

I think my Bristish crush is over. Then again, maybe it was because he was sitting all the way at the other end of the table tonight and not talking to me, and Lord knows if there's one thing I find attractive, it's someone giving me attention! LonelyFatGirlMentality4Lyfe.

There was this table of dudes behind us, and one of them looked like Peter Griffin from The Family Guy and the other looked like Jon Heder. That shit was making me crazy all night. I REALLY WANTED PICTURES OF THEM TO SHOW YOU GUYS but I wussed out. Oh well, maybe next week.

Here's some pictures I did take though. I wanted to get more but I felt like a fucking lame-o and everyone was bitching about the flash. People are no fun.

You guys know this dude.

Jeff's mom in her COUGAR pose.
I don't have a single picture of this woman with her eyes open.

Some of the trivia crew: Jeff's mom, his BIL, sis, and the limey.
Looks kinda like Dwight Schrute here. Maybe I AM obsessed with Dwight!
I feel bad that I had to cut Jeff outta this picture to fit the Brit in,
but you guys already know what Jeff looks like.

That's it. I'm gonna go fall asleep in the bathtub. Bye bye.


twinkelydots said...

Did you use any of my trivia???

Bathtub sleeping? hum. Not a smart thing. Just sayin'.

bbubblyb said...

You crack me up! Looks like you had a great time.

big_mummy said...

sounds like you had a great time. made me laugh about the lady who doesnt keep her eyes open, reminds me of earl hickey lol.

Dina said...

love the LonelyFatGirlMentality4Lyfe, you need to turn that shit into LFGM4L, and get it on some rings like Elvis did with TCB.

Is Jeff's mom constantly crunk? Or just one of those people that talks to you with their eyes clsoed? (note, I hate that it's creepy)

I love the last slanted pic. You get the stealth award.

~TMcGee~ said...

I probably shouldn't read your blog while eating popcorn(it's air popped and nary a drop of butter, oil, Parmesan cheese or salt touched it), it's dangerous. :-) Last pic is my favorite too. lol

Its all about me said...

Would love to see what they look like. Don't chicken out next time he he. You are so funny thank you for a great laugh.

Dina said...

I spelled closed wrong, my bad.

wildfluffysheep said...

lol @ LonelyFatGirlMentality4Lyfe.

My mam always tells me its all about taking part that counts. Thats the biggest crock of shit ever. But who needs to win when your 3 girly run drinks down...

I feel asleep in the bath tub last night. Man was the water cold when I woke up. *shudders*

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