Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You guys are talking about Shenanigans, right?

Hey guys. How's it goin'?

Things here are going JUST OKAY...which is better than bad, but not quite the AWESOME that I strive for. The weather's starting to cool off a tiny bit finally and it's giving me HALLOWEEN FEVER! I've been obsessed with Halloween since I spotted candy pumpkins at Walgreens about a week ago, then proceeded to eat a bag. Sigh. I'm trying to get more into the spirit of Halloween this year by doing things like decorating and sending my neices and nephews little gifts so I don't feel the need to overcompensate in the candy aisle. HALLOWEEN DOESN'T HAVE TO BE ABOUT CANDY! Just keep saying that, right?

Diet-y things are lackluster. I don't know where my motivation has gone. It seems like I wake up with a new resolve each morning but it rarely lasts all the way to dinnertime. I need some stick-to-it-ness. I've lost about .4 in the past 3 weeks, and that ain't gonna cut it. Twice this week I packed a lunch, then still went out with the girls for a fast food lunch. Stupid and wasteful. And I'm supposed to be saving money for Cleveland! Bad.

I watched Biggest Loser and was SUPER STOKED to find a girl on there that's actually heavier than me. I never thought I'd see the day. We're the same height and age too. It'll be interesting to see how she holds up under the extreme stress since she already almost quit on like day one. I think she'll turn it around and kick some ass though. I'm really rooting for her for my own selfish reasons so I hope she stops all that crying and kicks the shit outta that ranch. (maybe I should be saying that to myself...except...I don't have a ranch. I don't even like ranch dressing.)

Oh hey, we won at trivia finally! YAY! First place! The British dude was back in town, obviously. Plus there was a Foo Fighters still my beating heart! We got a $100 bar tab, but I wasn't even drinking so...wonk wonk. Oh well, at least everyone was in a good mood and no tantrums were had. Here's the gang, all ugly of us:

The Office starts tonight! Man, I do love the fall. And Community, which I'm excited about even though it has Chevy Chase and he's like a sitcom killer. Sure hope it doesn't suck. And I hope The Office gets better cause last season was kinda wonky. I like saying wonk lately, can you tell?

I noticed yesterday that my fatness is effecting my shopping. On one hand, it could help me save money. On the other hand, it's like my only hobby. I'm nothing with my clearance bargain-hunting! Gotta get on this shit. If diabetes and a heart condition can't motivate me, then surely a 75% off clearance sale has to. Help me, Target, you're my only hope.

This entry is all over the place, so I'm gonna put it out of it's misery. Hope you're all doing well and enjoying life.

Oh yeah, and I'm still hunting and gathering for my Grand Give-away. I should have it all together by this weekend. I know, I know...tease tease tease. Stay tuned...


HopeFool said...

Wonky has been my word of the month too. I figure it must have come from Simone.

I also ate a whole bag of pumpkins.

Stop making yourself so scarce, k?

Erin said...

I swear to God I'm going to pistol whip the next guy who says, " Shenanigans."

Erin said...

lol did that seem hostile?

Camevil said...

You don't like ranch dressing? Wha....?

Halloween fever is spreading here, too. I'm already buying up cheap decorations, hanging, statues, tombstones, etc. I started doing that after I cut back on the candy. Lose weight = gain clutter.

You are so right about Chevy Chase, too. He--and Joe Piscopo and Dane Cook--are the unfunniest funny guys in the biz. Bleh.

screwdestiny said...

Oh my gosh, somebody other than me who doesn't like ranch! Hellz yeah!

TJ said...

I dont like ranch dressing but I love ranch dip mix that you add to sour cream....just in case I come to visit and you wanna put out some veggies and dip ...mmm OK? lol

I like Halloween....but I dont get trick or treaters so no decorating here. :(

Kugo said...

I have to admit that sometimes watching The Biggest Loser makes me hungry. Is that weird? This season looks good though and I can't wait to see how much weight this group loses. Starting a diet is easy, sticking to it...not so easy, I'm with you.

I would like to throw in my vote of NO RANCH. That is all.


Aimee said...

"except...I don't have a ranch. I don't even like ranch dressing" - this just made me snort.

big_mummy said...

how can you not like ranch??

foolsfitness said...

OOOh in the grand give a way can Foolsfitness get a Richard Simmons Food Mover? I've been eyeing them with the lust I usually only reserve for Chinese Buffets lately!

What's with you dissing ranch, you ranch dressing hater!?

Got to go, it's the foolsfitness way to be running late for an appointment!-Alan

Tantra Flower said...

Congratulations on 1st place!!!

Ranch dressing isn't my first or even second choice either.

I didn't think your post was all over the place at all.

Dina said...

I'm gonna fine that british guy if I see him

Peace out.

Anonymous said...

what does shenanigans mean? And if sum1 ask u hows sweden and the shenanigans then wat does that mean??

Anonymous said...

no its like hows sweden and the shenanigans doing??

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