Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Get me offa this crazy thing...

So I lost 4.8 this week, which is pretty good considering I fucked up at least several times, and there was a holiday in there. Mostly I just tried to not go freaking crazy like I was in some competitive eating contest when I got home from work each day and other than that, I was pretty relaxed with the rules. I even had pizza and a cupcake. It had pink glitter on it. EDIBLE GLITTER! What a time to be alive!

That being said, I kinda feel like shit today. My dad's in the hospital because he has pretty close to zero percent bloodflow getting to his feet at this point and he has an infection on one of his toes that his body can't fight off because of the nonflow of blood. So they're going to try to put a stint into one of his lower arteries to see if it helps, but if not, he's definitely facing amputation of some, if not all, of his foot. That fucking sucks. He's already almost 80...I kinda wish he wouldn't have to go through a bunch of painful shit in the years he has left.

I feel bad that I can't be there. Everything costs too much and I can't afford to miss work at all. I just call a lot and hope for the best. I hope he'll be okay.

It's been raining the last three days in Las Vegas. Some lady probably killed her daughter and got away with it, yet I got in trouble for clocking in two minutes late today. And I lost weight. The world is weird right now.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The New FatVentures of Old TrishDina

You know, I don't like blogging about being on a diet all the time. I don't even like being on a diet, so why the hell would I wanna write about it all the time? When I go over to Jeff's sister's house, she has that book YOU, On a Diet all prominently displayed on her coffee table and I always think "man, what a terrible idea for a book!" Then I see that New York Times #1 Best Seller sticker on the front and I realize that nobody cares what I think, even though it's still a stupid idea for a book.

You, On a Diet
By: Some Rich Jerk

Chapter One:
You are hungry.

The End.

That'll be $34.95.

That being said, I kinda like writing about being fat because sometimes being fat is comical, even though it mostly sucks...which is why I'm doing all this dieting business in the first place. So like, I kinda HAVE to write about dieting. Even if I do hate it. Cause I need it. To keep me on track and shit. And so you guys can be all "YOU CAN DO IT" and/or "STOP BEING A FATTIE" depending on how bad/good I'm doing at the time.

So I guess for all intents and purposes, this is my dieting blog. It's been with me through the ups and downs and you're all here for me still (amazingly!) and I don't wanna give it up and start a new one and pretend like this isn't my one billionth attempt at weight loss blogging, you know? So I'm definitely keeping it...BUT...

Me and Dina do have a new blog. A combo blog! A COMBLOG! It's supposed to be about our adventures being fat girls in the world, but so far it's not really about much. But it'll probably get better because she's awesome and I'm awesome, so I mean, what's the worse that could happen? (complete internet implosion...) There's only a few entries now, but it feels weird not letting you guys in on it, so HERE IT IS! So please...come join us...add us...comment us...often.

And as always, thanks for being my bitchin' support system. Even when I give up on myself and disappear for months at a time. You guys rule <3